Sharyl Attkisson Reveals That She Believes U.S. Gov May Be Supporting a Drug Cartel

You probably already know who Sharyl Attkisson is. If not, the above video is as good an introduction as any. Because Bill O’Reilly briefly ran by several topics, the main point of the interview was how CBS kept trying to kill interesting stories. But that is not what took my breath away about this interview. I was shaken by the fact that Attkisson had no problem naming and taking seriously a claim about Fast and Furious that, up until now, I had never seen treated in the mainstream media. Read more […]

Bill O’Reilly: The Jack Kevorkian of the Republican Party

So Bill O’Reilly, great defender of folks, is officially on the immigration bandwagon. Hooray! Another conservative bites the dust. Although I guess that’s not accurate. O’Reilly has never described himself as a conservative. I’ll second that. He’s not. But even if he had after coming out in favor of “immigration reform” he could no longer wear that moniker. His claim is that if Republicans don’t line up behind the RINOs (my word, not his) and support the bill, all will be lost and Hillary Clinton Read more […]

Harvard Steps Up Persecution of Conservatives

The Harvard Crimson sent out a notice on its editorial page that it will not tolerate conservatives who attended Harvard to bad-mouth the institution after graduation like some alumni have done. This is from the National Review: “In an editorial entitled ‘Warning: Do Not Enroll’ the enlightened future journalistic leaders of the Crimson staff take aim at alumni critics such as [Texas Senator Ted] Cruz, Mitt Romney, and Bill O’Reilly, calling their criticism (and this is rich, considering Read more […]