Atheists Have A Lot To Thank Jesus For

An atheist blogger recently stated something for the sake of his fellow atheists and other nonchristians. He wrote: If you’re not the sort who’s grateful to Jesus for your eternal salvation, let me suggest a down-to-earth reason to remember Baby Jesus this Christmas season. Thank him for universal literacy. Jesus was Jewish, and that meant he was devoted to the written word in a way that no fatherless laborer in any gentile land would have been. Through the sect that Jesus founded, he passed Read more […]

The Political and Legal Significance of Christmas

In their effort to make a point, those who discuss law and government and politics for a living often miss the most critical – the most crucial point of all.   So, as we celebrate Christmas, this is a good time to take a deep breath and revisit first principles. We should remember the political significance of Christmas.  Now don’t get distracted by arguments that early Christians latched onto a pre-existing pagan holiday to establish the date of Christmas.  That may be true, Read more […]