Secret Service Used Personal Data to Punish Sitting Congressman

Do you think that the people in the NSA who have access to our personal data will be any more ethical or any less ruthless than the Secret Service? We have asked a time or two about the possibility of a politician being blackmailed by agents of our own government. We’ve wondered about John Boehner’s actions in that regard. Does the NSA have dirt on these politicians so that they can be controlled by others in government? Some want to cling to the idea that, even though the NSA could do Read more […]

When Support for a Candidate is Buying Protection

Wealthy people are contributing to both major candidates, demonstrating they are really buying protection because government is dangerous. The Washington Post reports, “Hedging bets in 2016: Some donors give to Bush and Clinton.” John Catsimatidis, a Manhattan grocery chain owner, gave as much money as allowed to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Democratic primary campaign. Two months later, he gave the same amount, $2,700, to Jeb Bush, her would-be Republican challenger. “I’ve been friends Read more […]

Are There Any Politicians Who Can’t Be Blackmailed?

The corruption behind Denny Hastert raises questions about who among our rulers cannot be blackmailed? In his post, “The Ominous Warning in Denny Hastert’s Downfall,” Philippe Gastonne highlights two of the three main aspects of the Dennis Hastert case that have occupied my mind: 1) This situation is yet another illustration of how centralizing power in Washington, DC, is pushing the nation toward total corruption and bankruptcy, and 2) The illegitimate nature of the charges that brought Read more […]

Does Barack Obama Have NSA Dirt on John Boehner?

NSA Dirt Being Used to Blackmail Republicans Would Explain A lot. Yesterday I saw this tweet from Drudge with a picture: This would explain a lot… And my hunch is that it has application to John Roberts, too. Would men sell out the entire country to protect their personal reputations? Yes… yes, they would. They’ve done so throughout history, and it’s certainly possible that’s exactly what’s happened in the past few years on so many key decisions. With the abused power of the NSA, Read more […]

Send Your Youngster to Islam Workshop or We Will Mark Him as Racist for Life

A school has planned a field trip to an Islam workshop for student ages eight to eleven. Some parents might have been resistant to the idea. They received a letter from the school explaining the workshop and also explaining how the school would do its best to screw up the life of the child for the rest of his life if they did not permit him or her to attend. Refusal to allow your child to attend this trip will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s education record, Read more […]

How Can Any German Be Sure Merkel Wasn’t Blackmailed By NSA? What About Americans?

As Americans, if Merkel was forced to do the right thing by US blackmail, we might be OK with that. But we need to think in the long term. Germans, whatever their faults or virtues, do not want their elected leaders to be the puppets of a foreign government. And, if they think a foreign government has control of their leader, then peace between those two countries is going to degrade. I have no evidence that the US ever blackmailed any leader, but yesterday the New York Times released a story Read more […]

Amanda Todd: A Victim of Parental Neglect

When liberals talk about bullying, it is usually the harmless, schoolyard variety, such as I endured in elementary school. Nothing physical; verbal taunts, jokes about my red hair and freckles, mockery for not being in the know about certain things that kids my age really ought not to have been in the know about. You know, the things most kids go through; the things that make kids stronger; the things that liberals nobly but pointlessly try to shelter their kids from ever experiencing. The bullying Read more […]