High Tax States Are Losing Middle Class Residents

High Tax states are the places with the most income inequality as middle class residents flee to conservative refuges. In his Washington Times column, “The redistribution racket,” Steven Moore shares an interesting chart: [See also, “Good News: Northeast United States Losing Congress.”] The bottom line is that the high tax states are losing people. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared on one of the late night talk shows last week, beating the class warfare drum and Read more […]

Big Government Uses Funds to Punish Enemies, Reward Loyalists

Big Government gets money from the people and then uses it selectively to reward some and punish others. We all pay taxes. We all are being used as future taxpayers as the collateral for all the U.S. government bonds that are being used to finance our bloated government. The theory is that Big Government uses this amassed money and leverage to do things in the common good. In real life, big government uses us to reward friends and punish enemies. Thus, the headline in the Las Vegas Review-Journal: Read more […]