Why Won’t Republicans Advocate Free Market Healthcare?

Instead of advocating free market healthcare, we get tax credit or tax deduction schemes that don’t get to the root of the problem. Liberals are constantly railing against Republicans for deregulating. Wouldn’t it be nice if their attacks were accurate? Daniel Payne writes at the Federalist under the headline, “GOP Obamacare Replacements Keep The Feds Front And Center.” As Megan McArdle recently reported, both Scott Walker and Marco Rubio recently released their plans for repealing Read more […]

Another Cut into Planned Parenthood: No More Alabama Medicaid

The Planned Parenthood contract with Alabama Medicaid has been terminated. Alabama is the third state to de-fund Planned Parenthood. The first was Louisiana under the leadership of Bobby Jindal. The next was New Hampshire. Now, according to Yellow Hammer News, Governor Robert Bentley has made a move. “The deplorable practices at Planned Parenthood have been exposed to Americans, and I have decided to stop any association with the organization in Alabama,” said Governor Bentley. “As a doctor Read more […]

Bobby Jindal is Nothing Like Hillary Clinton

Bobby Jindal doesn’t want to let reporters read all his email correspondence. Why should he? The Associated Press obviously wants us to think that Bobby Jindal is a hypocrite: “Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal won’t release emails from 2 terms in office, citing exemptions.” Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office refused Friday to release any of the Republican governor’s emails from his two terms, saying the messages are either protected from disclosure under state law or personal in nature. The Associated Read more […]

Pop-Culturized History Channel

Starting my commentary this week has been tremendously difficult.  I am torn because in just one week ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos stated he was “struck by the final line” of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s speech in which he proclaimed, “our God wins,” (video) followed by the History Channel airing its Sons of Liberty program which even film critic Thomas Verenna concludes is merely “…highly-entertaining historical fiction.” Over the past month I have had the Read more […]

Bobby Jindal Thinks God Matters to Politics. Is That Bad?

Clearly, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal thinks God matters and says so in political venues. Some find this to be negative. Nick Gillespie is a Libertarian and he’s unhappy about something that Bobby Jindal said. He claims that Jindal wants to “mix religion and politics.” Why? Because of what he said to “a group of Christian and Jewish leaders in Iowa.” “The reality is I’m here today because I genuinely, sincerely, passionately believe that America’s in desperate need of a spiritual Read more […]

How to Learn from France’s Economy—Lessons Lost on Barack Obama

We’ve been taught today that the way to economic prosperity is through higher taxes and more government intervention. If that were true, France should be among the best performing nations of the world, but that is not the case. How about these results from one state, as written about in the Daily Signal: …the lowest unemployment rate in the South; 2 million jobs for the first time in state history; economic growth rates nearly 50 percent higher than the national average since 2008; and six Read more […]

Bobby Jindal Would Make A Horrible Presidential Candidate

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a Republican, recently said that the Republican Party needed to stop being the stupid party. And indeed he was right: Republicans are the stupid party, and partly because they consider Bobby Jindal a formidable 2016 presidential candidate. Jindal may be a good governor, may be a smart guy, may have good policy, but none of that matters to the generation of voters we should be trying to court. And that is the MTV, pop-culture, news-from-Comedy-Central generation. It’s Read more […]

Stupid Republican Believes Obama Dinner With GOP Was Sincere Bipartisanship

Bobby Jindal had it right: the GOP is truly the stupid party. Sure, stupid is better than corrupt and deceitful, like the Democrats, and at least stupidity will get good results sometimes, albeit accidentally. But man, Republicans sure do have their share of moments of naïvete. While Senator Rand Paul was speaking on the Senate floor for 13 hours to filibuster the nomination of John Brennan to lead the CIA, there were twelve of his Republican colleagues dining with President Obama at a fancy Read more […]