IRS Gave Lois Lerner a Bonus to Make Her Want to Keep Up Her Work

The Weekly Standard reports that the IRS gave Lois Lerner a bonus, specifically a “retention bonus”—an incentive for her to keep her job harrassing, obstructing, and burdening conservative taxpayers whose money was used to offer her that bonus. Media coverage of yesterday’s latest development in the Lois Lerner saga focused on her colorful description of conservatives as “crazies” and “a–holes” in emails released by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich). Few news outlets Read more […]

Indoctrinating People to Believe They Are above the Law: IRS Gives Bonuses to Employees Who Owe Back Taxes

How would you teach the members of an organization that they were special—really special? You would want to encourage these people to believe there was nothing wrong with bending the law in order to harass and intimidate your political opponents. So you would need them to not to lack any confidence about their standing to carry out their missions. Is that what is going on in the IRS? I can’t say for sure. I don’t have recorded or documentary evidence of any kind of self-conscious strategy. Read more […]