Reading Read (Leonard, that is)

Like many others, I resolved that 2013 would be different. Chagrined as I was regarding the difference between the expected and actual trajectory of my habits in 2012, I made yet another January resolution. New Year’s Resolutions are awkward things. We welcome them one month and show them the door the next, like lingering houseguests. To be honest, I have made my share of resolutions, and also have a trampled path leading to the metaphorical exit. Resolutions come and resolutions go; praise the Read more […]

Obama Movie Killing it Despite Negative Press

Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, 2016: Obama’s America, has far surpassed industry “insider” predictions (read: hopes) that the movie would tank at the box office. Aside from being the top grossing movie last weekend, D’Souza has announced that he is expanding the number of theaters showing it, from 1091 to 1600 screens. Apparently there is more interest out there in a political documentary than even the “experts” believe. The film purports to show the “real” Obama, along the same Read more […]