An Immigration Bill That Borders on the Criminal

I had a goal this past weekend. It was rather ambitious but one I thought I could tackle. It was to read the Immigration Bill. But after finding a copy online, I quickly discovered if I wanted to not have my eyes bleed or head explode, I’d better develop a new tact. I also concluded that due to the bills length — 1274 pages — there isn’t a government official, elected or otherwise that knows what is in this monstrosity. As a matter of fact, a member of Congress, Rep. John Carter (R-TX) Read more […]

Get Ready for an Immigrant Invasion Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Another 1200-page Senate bill is coming up for a vote. This time it is the Gang of Eight “Immigration Reform” bill. And, once again, none of the Senators has read the bill in its entirety. The bill has morphed into a crony-capitalist nightmare. Worse, border security is now being actively campaigned against. The latest amendment originates from Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND). In a despicable stab at marking their territory Republicans made a flagrant push to outdo Democrats, Read more […]

Paul Ryan Meets the Mark Levin Buzz Saw

Paul Ryan was on Mark Levin’s show on Tuesday discussing immigration. You know, the same Paul Ryan that with his tag-team partner Marco Rubio, has been pushing for a “comprehensive immigration” bill. I’ll give him credit for his courage. Levin told Ryan that some new immigration numbers were just-released. He said that new CBO estimates are that the Senate bill will only reduce illegal immigration by 25%. Ryan responded by saying that the House will not focus or discuss the Senate bill and will Read more […]