TEA Parties and Secession

The TEA Party movement in America claims it is “Taxed Enough Already,” but author Thomas DiLorenzo says that this is not nearly good enough. If they took their own rhetoric about constitutional government seriously, they would recognize that what is needed is at least a 90 percent reduction in federal taxes, not merely being satisfied with being taxed “enough already.” Too true. Most Americans fail to realize that the famous event which inspired the name of the TEA Party groups—the Boston Read more […]

We Live Daily with Taxes Patriots Died Fighting to Prevent

The average tax (combining the state and national taxes) on gasoline is about fifty cents a gallon. In California, that tax reaches sixty-nine cents. Most of us don’t really keep up with these taxes because they are pre-included in the gas prices. That’s about a 13% tax on something we use everyday—not a luxury, but a necessity, for most Americans. There’s a seven or so percent local tax on just about everything else we buy, as well as a much higher “sin” tax on alcohol, tobacco, etc. Read more […]