Colorado Concealed Carrier Brings Gun to a Knife Attack

Even though he was at a church, this concealed carrier was prepared to save a woman’s life. While Colorado has been a place of intense attacks on the Second Amendment, a woman is alive today because of a concealed carrier in Boulder. The Daily Camera reports, “Boulder police: Armed witness rescued woman from attempted murder outside church.” An enraged drunken man had a knife to his estranged wife’s throat as she said what she thought was her final prayer before dying. He had already Read more […]

University Policy: Spy on Students; Bring Us Their Social Security Numbers

A bizarre university policy tells students to report on the speech crimes (!?) of other students and collect all identifying information, including social security numbers. The University of Colorado-Boulder has taken Homeland Security’s “If you see something, say something” and applied it to political correctness. According to Robby Soave at the Hit & Run blog, the school wants students to inform on each other when they witness “bias incidents,” by reporting the perpetrators Read more […]

Homeowners Ordered to Build Fake Historic Shed

They didn’t do what they were told, so now we find homeowners ordered to turn back time. When you defy a city ordinance, beware! The people you have offended believe they must save face and teach you a lesson. The lengths to which they will go can be frighteningly stupid. In the case of Boulder, Colorado, we have a city council that didn’t understand irony and was frustrated by recalcitrant homeowners. According to the Boulder News, “Boulder orders homeowners to rebuild historic Read more […]