Anti-“Homophobes” Are Haters: Wishing Evil On Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card is a Mormon, not a Christian, and I’ve never thought of him as a spectacular writer compared to Gene Wolfe, James Blaylock, Tim Powers, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, K. W. Jeter, George Alec Effinger, John Scalzi, or Allen Steele, etc. And I’m one of the few people who didn’t find Ender’s Game that interesting. Don’t know why. Just didn’t. But this is disgusting and barbaric: Good news for fans of Ender’s Game who don’t want their movie ticket dollars lining Read more […]

Another Democrat Begging For A Waiver From Obama

From a Denver Post blog: Rep. Jared Polis said Wednesday he will seek a waiver from the Obama administration so mountain-dwellers in his district will not be required to participate in the Affordable Care Act this year because health insurance rates in the high country are more costly than other parts of Colorado. Polis, a Democrat from Boulder, said he was dismayed that residents in insurance resort region 11 — which includes parts of Garfield and Summit counties — have dramatically higher Read more […]

Let’s Get Behind Walt Disney World Boycott

Finally some good news out of the George Zimmerman malcontents who are using race to promote a divided America. Some black leaders are calling for a boycott of Walt Disney World in Orlando. I’ve very excited. A visit to Walt Disney World will mean shorter lines, fewer liberals, and maybe even an end to “gay day.” Hotel and motel prices might fall because of the lower demand. The free market — supply and demand — in action. On the other hand, as people hear about the boycott, they Read more […]

Layoffs are about Economics Not Revenge

A number of companies are threatening job layoffs. Applebee’s restaurants and Papa John’s Pizza Company are coming under liberal public pressure by calls of a boycott. The boycott advocates are assuming that the layoffs are about “revenge” because President Obama won reelection. Let’s say it is revenge. Isn’t that what Obama said elections were about? In reality, it’s not about revenge; it’s about economics, something liberals do not understand or believe they can overcome by the force of their Read more […]