Face Paint Offensive; Forced Brainwashing Fine

Arizona State University goes fascist because some students wore face paint to match team uniforms. I don’t understand liking football enough to go and sit through a game, let alone painting one’s face to match the team colors. But fans do it all the time—including college students rooting for their college team. So, ASU had a “blackout” game where the usual team colors were not on display. The college actively encouraged fans to wear black to match the special team colors. No Read more […]

Next Generation Of Leaders Being Prepared In College By Playing Condom Olympics

Tuition costs are going up much faster than inflation. We are told over and over again that a college diploma is the only path to prosperity. Yet we all know that college campuses are some of the greatest concentrations of stupidity in the nation. For example: Students at the University of Arizona (UA) were assigned to plan a school-wide “Condom Olympics” for their three-credit “Sex, Health, and AIDS” class. The students planned “athletic events such as a condom-wrapped egg toss,” according Read more […]

Father Thinks He’s Upset About A School Curriculum While He Remains Compliant

The story on Fox News shows how people who are brainwashed can believe they are resisting evil when they are firmly planted in evil’s digestive tract. It also shows that our eugenic legacy is alive and well. Hat tip to “Joffre the Giant’s” blog for pointing this out. From Fox News 4. A father said if his 13-year-old daughter hadn’t taken a picture of a questionable public poster and shown him, he’d never have known the content. Now that he knows, he’s not happy. Mark Ellis says Read more […]

Children Are The Path To Successful Tyranny

You can’t subjugate a Christian people. They won’t stand for it! A Christian culture will recognize and reject tyranny before tyranny can get a foothold. This is because a Biblically-literate and devoted people will not allow their civil government to tyrannically usurp the jurisdictions of self-government, family government, and church government. A Christian people, by virtue of their understanding of God’s creation, their knowledge of history, their comprehension of the divine origin of Read more […]

Propaganda Field Trip Enslaves Students

I really hate public-school teachers. Oh, sure, some of them are good (I think it’s required by law to say that immediately following anything negative one says about people in the business of government education). But I have zero respect for the majority of them. Take the bozos at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (not an actual college, but a middle school) who had the brilliant idea to send the 7th- and 8th-graders on a 4-day field trip to a place called Nature’s Classroom, where they Read more […]

$37 Million of Taxpayer Money Being Spent to Sell Obamacare to California Residents

If Obamacare is such a great program and according to President Obama is so successful, then why does the federal government have to spend money we don’t have to brainwash high school students to accept and promote the socialist medical program? Covered California is the name of the state’s healthcare exchange program part of Obamacare.  Covered California is receiving $43 million of federal grant money, $37 million of which will be used to promote and educate California residents about Obamacare.  Read more […]

Terrified Kindergartner Wets Himself When Interrogated Over Toy Gun

I know, the people that should really be terrified are the other students and teachers who had to witness the orange-tipped toy cap gun that the 5-year-old brought on the school bus last week. No one should ever have to witness such a horrific object, especially at an elementary school. Let’s not ever forget that we live in a post-Sandy Hook era where anything that resembles a gun is anathema. It’s only natural that those objects, drawings, hand gestures, thoughts, etc. cause the utmost panic Read more […]

Government School Indoctrinates 4th Graders: “Give Up Constitutional Rights”

We’ve seen liberals like Melissa Harris-Perry come out in the media and proudly proclaim that we need to get away from this idea that children belong to their parents and realize that our kids belong to the community, and that it “takes a village” to raise a child. This is where the State comes in to “help” parents with the raising of their kids by educating them for the parents who are often both at their own respective jobs. The State then gets to decide the curriculum and chooses Read more […]

Wisconsin Department of Education: Whites are Born Racist and Privileged

If you have kids in Wisconsin government schools, be on the lookout for what VISTA is teaching them. Especially if you happen to be white. VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is an operation under AmeriCorps that is being used by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A cursory look at the Wisconsin DPI’s “VISTA hub” on their website shows what those gender studies and social studies majors end up doing with their lives. Blacks are oppressed, and whites are inherently racist. Read more […]

Is “Zombie Apocalypse” Used to Desensitize Us?

The CDC’s “Zombie Apocalypse Tour” apparently wasn’t just a humorous and catchy way to encourage people to stay prepared for the worst case scenario. It’s now spread to law enforcement agencies around the country. Just in time for Halloween, there will be a conference in San Diego from October 29through November 2hosted by a security firm called the Halo Corporation. In addition to having expert speakers such as former CIA director Michael Hayden, this conference, called the Halo Counter-terrorism Read more […]