Shocker: Democrats Control the Senate

The votes don’t lie; despite the Republican victory the Democrats control the Senate. So who does Mitch McConnell work for? This is one of the most profound pieces of news analysis I have seen on exactly what the massive Republican victory has meant for the Senate. What did you win by voting for Republicans? You won the ability to pass laws that are supported by a majority of the remaining Democrats. Why? Were you expecting something more? [W]ith two minor exceptions, every single vote that Read more […]

U.S. Regime Establishes Media Censorship to Protect “Immigration Reform” Theater

When the Federal government wanted to isolate and neutralize the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX, one of their main techniques was establishing a huge perimeter around the area and denying the media access. Likewise, during the showdown with Cliven Bundy, one pretext the Feds used was that Bundy’s son had left the designated “First Amendment area.” And now the Feds are doing it again, this time to keep the media away from illegal border crossings. From “U. S. Media Restricted Read more […]

No Diversity On TV Allowed: Christians Need Not Apply

A show like Duck Dynasty is a rarity in reality TV or on any kind of TV. If you look at your shows you find very few that present a Christian or conservative character in a positive light. What you do find are plenty of adulterers or fornicators of some kind. The idea that sexual morality would mean not having sex outside of marriage is a foreign concept to most of the TV shows that are broadcast. Furthermore, if there is someone who is portrayed as having that belief, that character is often Read more […]

Foreigners Have A “Right” To U.S. Citizenship? Obama’s Assistant AG For Civil Rights Nominee Raises Questions

I know that all people have the rights to life, liberty, and property. That’s why, if an American vacations in France or a Liberian visits the United States, anyone who kills or robs them should be prosecuted and punished by the government of the territory in which the crime takes place. The role of government is to protect the rights of all peole. Our government recognizes the rights of all people regardless of their citizenship and we expect other governments to do the same. Enforcing justice Read more […]

How Can EVERYTHING Be An Argument For Amnesty? Labor Secretary Uses Jobs Report To Push “Immigration Reform”

I would love for more people to come and work here (assuming that’s what their really trying to do) but there is no way you can use news that there are not enough jobs in the United States as evidence that you need to get more people into the country. Yet that is exactly what Labor Secretary Thomas Perez did yesterday? What are these people thinking? According to Breitbart: On Friday, after conceding that last month’s jobs report was disappointing and not as favorable as the White House Read more […]

Obamacare Should Be Out Of Business Already!

The hits just keep on coming… From Breitbart: A new Gallup poll brings more terrible news for President Obama and his signature health plan, showing that only 22% of uninsured Americans intend to buy insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges. One of the major selling points for using ObamaCare to disrupt our health care system (that polls showed up to 80% of Americans were satisfied with) was to insure the uninsured. But according to this poll, only a very small minority of that small minority Read more […]

It’s On Record: Corporations Really Do Directly Bribe & Enrich Politicians has a summary of yesterday’s 60 Minutes expose of how members of Congress spend massive amounts of “campaign” cash on themselves and their lifestyles. One example among many is a warmonger, pro-domestic-spying Republican: Sen. Saxby Chambliss’s (R-GA) leadership PAC dropped $107,752 at the Breakers resort in Palm Beach during the 2012 election cycle. That is over three times as much money as he gave the National Republican Senatorial Committee to get fellow Republicans Read more […]