Pennsylvania AG Uses “Racism” Smear to Cover Up Corruption

Kathleen Kane is the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and she is a Democrat. She succeed a Republican AG, Tom Corbett. While in office, Tom Corbett discovered Democrat Philadelphia-area legislators were taking bribes. (Yes, I know. How shocking to find corruption in such an upright city.) The bribes were in exchange for voting against voter-ID laws. The problem is that while Corbett found the evidence and made the charges, he didn’t get to actually bring the case to court before his time in Read more […]

Watch The Corruption Flow: Obama Sends $70 Million-Plus To Allies In Chicago

Here is how the Chicago Tribune repeats White House PR about this bogus program to buy influence with Federal funds: Obama will officially announce the Chicago hub Tuesday at the White House. The initiative follows Obama’s new playbook for dealing with an oppositional Congress unlikely to enact any part of his economic vision. The announcement also delivers on the president’s pledge in his 2013 State of the Union address to set up three new manufacturing institutes from existing government Read more […]

Obama Takes Away Your Insurance & Changes Rules So Unions Can Keep Theirs

Remember those unions that helped lobby for Obamacare? They too started realizing it was a bad deal, but Obama’s taking care of them. Weeks after denying labor’s request to give union members access to health-law subsidies, the Obama administration is signaling it intends to exempt some union plans from one of the law’s substantial taxes. Buried in rules issued last week is the disclosure that the administration will propose exempting “certain self-insured, self-administered plans” from Read more […]

Banksters; This Is How It Is Done (And It Needs To Stop!)

House Floor Vote This Week on Derivatives Bill Written by Citigroup Lobbyists ( HR 992) Citigroup has given $503,150 to current members of the House of Representatives. (BERKELEY) – Later this week, the House of Representatives will be voting on a bipartisan bill to repeal financial bailout protections that Congress passed in 2010 as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The bill, H.R. 992, or the “Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act,” would severely Read more […]

It’s On Record: Corporations Really Do Directly Bribe & Enrich Politicians has a summary of yesterday’s 60 Minutes expose of how members of Congress spend massive amounts of “campaign” cash on themselves and their lifestyles. One example among many is a warmonger, pro-domestic-spying Republican: Sen. Saxby Chambliss’s (R-GA) leadership PAC dropped $107,752 at the Breakers resort in Palm Beach during the 2012 election cycle. That is over three times as much money as he gave the National Republican Senatorial Committee to get fellow Republicans Read more […]

Bribed To Be A Leech On Society: Free Obamaphones With Obamacare!

This Obamacare thing must be like a birfday for The Obamaphone Lady and others like her who want the government to be their suga’ daddy. Or maybe I should compare it to a slow, tortuous Christmas morning during which you can’t get the presents open because they have more tape on them than wrapping paper, and so your parents tell you to take a break, that you’ll come back to the presents later, and can you please do your chores first? In that way, yes, Obamacare is like Christmas, if such an Read more […]

Petraeus as Professor: How Elite Paybacks Are Made

Oops! David Petraeus was going to get paid $200 thousand a year as a very part-time “visiting professor” at City University of New York. That would be for exactly two lectures a year. He would be happily raking in the money right now except Gawker spoiled his fun by breaking the news. But now it is all fixed. “After several weeks of public criticism, CUNY announced the pay cut today. ‘The general never was taking on this teaching assignment for the money,’ says Petraeus’ lawyer, per Read more […]