Opposition to Caitlyn Jenner reveals Government Has Sponsored the Transgender Movement

Caitlyn Jenner shocks Transgender movement because he opposes government welfare. Bruce Jenner didn’t get all his common sense whacked off when he had his surgery. And the results of how his fellow boys pretending to be girls oppose him give us some real insight on how the U.S. taxpayer has been forced to underwrite the Transgender movement. According to Newser.com: Caitlyn Jenner’s politically conservative views surprised her [sic] transgender friends in a just-released excerpt from tonight’s Read more […]

Apple Pushing Transgender Propaganda on iPhone Users

Siri will now parrot transgender propaganda, but she can’t tell you Bruce Jenner’s sex. Wired loves it, of course: “Siri Corrects Users Who Don’t Respect Caitlyn Jenner.” Just to point out the obvious lie. People who are horrified that Bruce Jenner emasculated himself and pretended to be a pin-up model are not lacking respect for him. They alone respect him at all. They are the only real friends he has. Eventually, he is going to realize that. Hopefully, when he does so, he will courageously Read more […]

Transracial Is Now a Real Thing?

Just like transgender, now transracial is being taken seriously—claiming one can “identify” as another race and thus be that race. What this means is that conservatives can no longer use sarcasm or ad absurdum arguments to critique liberal culture. Such arguments are supposed to take a position and show how it must be wrong by taking it to its “logical extreme.” Thus, after local NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal was discovered to be a white woman, a lot of conservatives suggested Read more […]

Reason Magazine Sold Out to Trannies Years Ago

The Editor in Chief of Reason Magazine is pretty upset with conservatives pointing out liberal hypocrisy about transgender. Here’s the thing about gender and race: If anything is a social construction rather than a fact of nature it is race. If you lined up everyone from darkest to lightest, or by some other physical feature, you wouldn’t get all the African Americans on one side and all the Anglo-Saxon on the other. There would be no cutoff point. Race is a fiction as far as biology is concerned. That’s Read more […]

What Happened to White Privilege for Rachel Dolezal?

Somehow Rachel Dolezal missed the memo and sought empowerment in a black identity. I suppose someone will spout some nonsense about how Rachel Dolezal passing herself off as an African American proves white privilege. But if there is anything to the idea of white privilege then that would be demonstrated by how few white people do what Rachel Dolezal did. Whenever a black person tries to “pass” as a white it is assumed that he or she did so to get an advantage. Why would this be any different Read more […]

Why Lindsey Graham Is Wrong on Jenner

As a presidential candidate, and a politician in general, Lindsey Graham is wrong to be so anemic on the culture war. I appreciate Lindsey Graham saying, “I’m a pro-life, traditional marriage kind of guy.” That’s better than pushing the opposite. But Graham should not have joined in Jenner’s lies, beginning by referring to him by the feminine pronoun. I am referring to this story in The Hill, “Graham: Caitlyn Jenner ‘welcome’ in the Republican Party.” In an interview on CNN’s Read more […]

Why Transgender Claims are Cowardly

The purpose of transgender claims is to deny and hide from reality. That is never brave. John Steigerwald asks at the Daily Caller, “Is What Bruce Jenner Did Courageous.” I think a better question would be, “Is there any purpose to ESPN or national sports in general other than to serve as regime propaganda?” Steigerwald doesn’t think Jenner was courageous compared to other athletes and I agree. But perhaps some will claim that what Jenner has done took more courage than competing Read more […]

‘Brave’ Bruce/Caitlyn and the ‘Ironic’ Post

The media are desperate to keep the focus on “Caitlyn Jenner” — that’s Bruce Jenner’s drag-queen alter ego. Since the agenda is to ultimately destroy all concepts of normalcy, the media campaign comes complete with ready-made morality tales about how wrong it is to not get on the Caitlyn bandwagon. It all started with the media meme about how “brave” Bruce/Caitlyn is for paying big bucks to a doctor to make him a eunuch. As many people have pointed out, there’s nothing brave about Jenner’s Read more […]

Dear Liberals, If I Can Get Your Attention Away from “Caitlyn’s” Boobs for a Minute…

Dear Liberals, about this transgender thing: don’t you think you might be just a little bit crazy? It is fairly obvious that you see the presence of Christians in this country as getting in the way of achieving your dreams for society—which requires the criminalization of all dissent. Isn’t it time you thought critically about your own agenda? It seems to us Christians (and perhaps to others) that avoiding critical thought is a daily requirement for your life. I just want to write to Read more […]

CNN on Transgender: Brief Moment of Temporary Sanity

The coverage of CNN on transgender has been mostly bad, but they actually interviewed someone who spoke against his own mutilation. My son was at the local military base (because he was getting ready to fly out to his basic training) and caught some CNN programming. We don’t have cable TV at the home, so none of us normally watch any news show. He told me that CNN interviewed a person about Bruce Jenner and “sexual reassignment” surgery. This person, Walt Heyer, had suffered the “treatment” Read more […]

Bruce Jenner Now Adopts Fake Beauty Standards

Fake beauty standards are wrong for women but OK for men pretending to be women? Bruce Jenner was born in October of 1949. With that in mind, I want to remind you of this video that was quite viral back in 2006. Of course the use of makeup is not that big a deal, but the use of photoshop to enlarge the eyes and lengthen the neck showed a real ability to make the inhuman into an ideal. This topic comes up regularly. The media encourages and promotes unrealistic body and beauty ideals Read more […]

How Do We Respond to the Bruce Jenner Transformation?

As we witness the public Bruce Jenner transformation we need to have something to say to all transgenders. Something is definitely not right with the world, and our challenge is to accurately identify maladies, and seek authentic remedies rather than temporary pain-relief. Every such question should begin with: What wisdom does our Maker offer for this? Russell Moore addresses that question: “What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner.” In the 1970s Bruce Jenner seemed to have it all—fame, Read more […]