Robert Gates Wants Boy Scouts to Welcome Homosexuals as Adult Supervisors

Homosexual men leading the Boy Scouts should work as well as giving Robert Gates authority over a government agency. We should give Robert Gates a new title: Secretary of Surrender. Fresh from overseeing a grand social experiment at the CIA, and another which has devastated morale—and led huge numbers of top officers to retire—in the United States Military, Robert Gates now seeks to preside over the demise of yet another historic social institution in America: The Boy Scouts. [See also, Read more […]

Attempt Fails to Force BSA to Change Policies on Homosexual Troop Leaders

Yesterday, I saw many headlines about how Boy Scout Troop 98 was banned because of a homosexual troop leader. This made me scratch my head. Everyone knows that the BSA doesn’t allow homosexual troop leaders because they never have done so. Last year, they decided to admit “homosexual teens” but that was all. So where did this troop come from? Had the troop leader lied about his sexual “orientation”—as they say—and revealed himself later? It turns out that the Troop is a Read more […]

Enforcing the State Religion: Proposal That No Former Boy Scouts Allowed To Be Judges in CA

The idea that this is a free country isn’t just no longer true; we have some influential portion in the country that doesn’t even know what that means. As far as they are concerned, if one does not believe the right things it is the job of government to use every means available to marginalize and punish that person. So, despite the fact that the Boy Scouts no longer prohibited alleged homosexual youth from joining the organization, now they are being punished for not allowing homosexual Read more […]

Will Boy Scouts Cave In to Gay Bullying?

In coming days the Boy Scouts of America will decide whether to violate – eliminate, really – its own mission statement, oath and law by changing its policy to allow, within its ranks, Scouts and Scoutmasters who are open practitioners of the homosexual lifestyle. Sadly, to do so would destroy BSA’s credibility as a “morally straight” organization. Such foolhardy capitulation to extremist pressure groups would spell the demise of Scouting as we’ve known it. The Prince of the Earth Read more […]

Money Talks: Boy Scouts to Accept ‘Gay’ Leaders

A friend of mine always tells me, “If you want to understand why organizations change fundamental direction, you need to follow two things. Follow the confession (what an organization believes) and follow the money. More often than not, the creed is changed because of the money. Sometimes the pressure for creedal1 change comes from outside groups. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a case in point. Conservative Read more […]From the Latin credo, “I believe.” The Apostles’ Creed begins, “I believe. . . ” [↩]