Who Defines Bullying?

According to Fox News affiliate Fox 19, a boy at a private catholic school in Cincinnati, Ohio, was suspended after engaging in a staring contest with a female classmate. The incident occurred on a Monday, and school officials were contacted by the girl’s family the next day. The school spoke with Tolbert’s son the same day, a Tuesday, but didn’t inform his parents of the situation until Wednesday. By then, the boy had already penned an apology letter to his classmate. According to court Read more […]

Dr. Ben Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz Show How to Take on the Democrats

I’m a peaceful guy. I don’t pick fights. That being said, I’m always ready to argue my case in print and in person. I’ve done lots of debates. I prepare for all of them. I’m preparing for a Symposium in Reno, Nevada, on February 23. There will be two other men who will take a position different from mine. I’ve prepared long and hard for the encounter. It should be fun. We saw how Dr. Ben Carson energized the conservative base like no Republican has, except, maybe, Gov. Scott Walker Read more […]

The Bible Isn’t Banned From Public Schools

Many public schools have been threatened by atheists for so long that they believe the Bible and everything Christian has been banned from the public schools. In reality these atheists are actually just bullies trying to force their views on the schools when in fact many of those views violate the constitutional rights of the students. For instance, one school principal told a seventh grade student that she had to stop passing out Bible verses or any religious messages to her fellow classmates. Read more […]