Bureaucrats to become businessmen?

Washington State is beginning to realize that “broke” actually means broke, as in, “out of money.” Governor Christine Gregoire is considering cost-saving steps, including being the first state in the country to cut state park funding to zero. Of course, the $94 million savings would be a drop in the bucket for a state that is $3 billion in the red, but at least it is a move in the right direction. What this means—according to Don Hoch, the Director of Washington State Parks—is that Read more […]

An Olympic Entitlement Mentality

The London Olympic Games promised to be epic, but Londoners and spectators are less than impressed. While fans and family members of athletes are getting increasingly frustrated by being refused tickets to Olympic events, local London businesses are not getting the expected boost in sales they were anticipating. Many merchants and owners are saying their sales are down 30-35%. Hotels have been hit especially hard, many not seeing the “filled to capacity” they were promised by Olympic and government Read more […]

Obama Administration Turns Tax Breaks into Burdens

After 41 months of unemployment above 8% — the longest streak since the Great Depression — even the Obama Administration is grumblingly admitting that heavy corporate taxes are obstacles to job creation. Unfortunately, The Nanny State can’t resist using tax breaks to micromanage businesses, and businesses are saying “No thanks” to the tax breaks that are intended to jump-start the economy. Executives, particularly at small and medium-size companies, complain that many of the tax deductions Read more […]