Egyptians Can Storm a Mosque. Why Can’t We?

Maybe we can learn a little from the Egyptian army, and I’m only being half facetious. Not that I agree with the wholesale slaughter of people, but the Egyptian military appears to have little tolerance for uprisings and Islamists. Now wholesale slaughter may not be accurate. I’m not currently in Cairo and wasn’t during the last week of violence and hundreds of dead. As far as I can tell there has been no determination of massive loss of “innocent” lives. It may very well be mostly Muslim Brotherhood Read more […]

US State Department is Financing Mosques around the World

The State Department is sending millions of our tax dollars to save mosques overseas. Can you imagine what would happen if tax dollars were going to rebuild churches here in the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State would be condemning the action by an appeal to the First Amendment. And I would be in line with them. Our government doesn’t have any business using tax money to repair churches, Jewish synagogues, or Muslim mosques, Read more […]

Bill Maher: Obama’s Court Jester

Ever the political genius, Bill Maher has predicted that Mitt Romney lost the presidential election with his response to President Obama’s response to the Cairo Embassy attacks last week. Maher compared Romney’s response to the president as being the same as John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign in 2008 when faced with a financial crisis. Maher said McCain made Obama look “cooler and smarter,” and essentially won the court of public opinion with his decision. Maher believes Romney Read more […]

Hey Liberals, Non-Muslims Are Not the Problem

On September 13, actress Bette Midler wrote on her Twitter page, “Who are the idiots who made the video and put it on YouTube? When do we meet them? They should be charged with murder.” The video she is referring to is, as I’m sure you know, the ultra-low-budget anti-Islam film that the media and the White House are saying “caused” the rioting in Cairo, Libya, and other Muslim-dominated cities.. Here’s the way liberal logic works: Somebody offended some Muslim; those Muslims killed some Read more […]