Government Nanny-State Propaganda: Starving Kids Is Good for Them

Starving kids is now such a dogma, that Liberals congratulate corporations for padding their own profits to do it. I can almost feel sorry for businesses like McDonald’s due to all the grief they get by the zealots for the superstition of minimum wage. But pity can’t override the repugnance I feel when they get congratulated for reducing customer service under the pretense of health. You can find the story at, that great fountain of establishment propaganda: “About A Third Of Read more […]

The FDA Wants You to Have an Eating Disorder

The FDA is trying to make you obsess over numbers when you eat—a recipe for an eating disorder. Following the sad lead of Michelle Obama, the Food and Drug Administration has decided that encouraging a nationwide starvation diet will make people healthy. They are doing this by forcing businesses to encourage consumers to obsess over numbers—the fiction of calories. Thus, the New York Times reports, “F.D.A. to Require Calorie Count, Even for Popcorn at the Movies.” The Food and Read more […]

Michelle Obama’s Nutritional Bait And Switch

CNS News thought this was newsworthy because Michelle Obama said that mothers in America are “confused,” “bewildered,” and “defeated” by grocery shopping. She was referring to food labels and advocating better ones. I’m as opposed to the FLOTUS and her ambitious, greedy ways as anyone, but I think we should give her speech a bit more attention to figure out what is going on with our government and our grocery shopping. (Also, to give the devil her due: kudos to Michelle for affirming Read more […]

Will Michelle Obama Tell You What You Can Feed Your Children?

I’m amazed that liberals are all about “My body – My choice” until they get into power. Then they want to dictate what we can eat and drink. It’s one thing to recommend what we should eat, but it’s another thing to pass laws to force us to eat in a particular way. Then there’s the problem of what the government-controlled food policies say we should eat. The government has been pushing a low fat diet for decades. And what have been the results? More fat people. In an attempt to Read more […]