Federal Agency Installs Surveillance Grid over Major City without Local Government?

Seattle is now under a surveillance grid of cameras thanks to the BATF, who did not consult the Seattle PD or city government. When I first saw this story I thought it must be one of those hoax/satire sites that sometimes fool conservatives. But it looks like a bona fide news site dedicated to happenings and issues related to the Seattle area. The headline: “ATF confirms surveillance cameras installed throughout Seattle.” The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Read more […]

Does Crime Necessitate a Surveillance State?

The Maryland Transit Authority is rolling out plans to add audio surveillance to the video surveillance they already have inside their buses. Infowars reported:  [C]ity officials have now authorized the recording of private conversations on public buses “to investigate crimes, accidents and poor customer service.” Marked with signs to alert passengers that open mics are picking up every word they say, the first 10 buses with the new surveillance equipment began operation towards the end of Read more […]

Debate? What Debate?

It’s fairly predictable. Minutes after the presidential debate, journalists, pundits, and bloggers were aflame with “reasons” why President Obama “won” the debate. After the beating he took in the first debate, it was pretty obvious that Obama was going to come back strong. Regardless of how he really did, it was also apparent that every media outlet was only waiting for the debate to officially end before they published their pre-written proclamation of Obama’s victory. Even if Obama Read more […]