The Second Amendment is the Antidote to Lone Wolf Terrorism

Dear NRA, JPFO, SAF, and all other Second Amendment advocacy groups, You are missing the biggest PR opportunity in history if you do not band together and seize this moment when we face the threat of lone wolf terrorism. Here is the context in which we must teach the truth: From “ISIS to Canadians: ‘You will not feel secure in your bedrooms’” The spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham called for attacks on Canadians on Sunday in an apparent attempt to deter Read more […]

What Does Regular Pepsi Have to Do with the Declaration of Independence?

Selling regular Pepsi can put you in strange company—like that of the Founding Fathers, the signers of the Declaration of Independence. To see what I mean, take a look at this quiz, “How Much Do You Know about Liberty?” from the Foundation for Economic Education. Note especially the second question: Which great American patriot was called the “Prince of Smugglers”? Here is the answer: John Hancock (1737-1793), the resourceful Boston merchant who defied British mercantilist restrictions Read more […]

Not a Gay Bar But Wrong to Discriminate?

Our neighbors to the north are known for being open-minded, so it was big news when two men were kicked out of a trendy restaurant in Montreal, which was not a gay bar, after publicly displaying their affection. Witnesses claim there were many drunken couples in the bar who were being openly affectionate but the two men were the only ones kicked out because they were not heterosexual. Oddly, though, one of the men seems to have expectations that a bar might actually have rules of conduct, Read more […]

Dare We Hope For A Breakup in the Anglo-American Global Warming Collusion?

I’ve asked about Canada already, but now it seems that, whatever the Canadian government thinks of the theory of man-made climate change, the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, is having none of it. Indeed, according to the Daily Caller, Canada and Australia are backing one another up in resisting the call to bankrupt their economies for the sake of a scam. Obama wants to use the G20 as a platform to launch a global climate deal to tackle global warming. Abbott has been very vocal about Read more […]

Is Canada A Holdout In the Global Warming Stampede?

Canada did not send any officials to the Carbon Expo 14, an annual conference for our bureaucrats to get together and plan ways to regulate the world in order to “save” it. By itself, Canada’s absence from the Expo would not mean too much. The U.S. also decided not to send any officials. But that wasn’t because the government is not “concerned” about impoverishing us saving the planet. Rather, it was because we are too important to show up with the little people. Like the voice of Read more […]

“Burn Baby Burn”? Does the U.S. Use Dead Preborns to Provide Electricity?

When I read Bob’s post last month, “From the Nation That Gave Us the Magna Carta: Burning Babies for Indoor Climate Control,” I breathed a sigh of relief. At least it isn’t happening here, I thought to myself. But it is! I don’t understand how it works because I don’t see how incinerating a tiny corpse can generate enough electricity to be worth the transport costs, but according to LifeSite news, something similar is going on in Oregon, courtesy of abortions in Vancouver, British Read more […]

Baby Born Dead Then Starts Breathing 25 Minutes Later; Doctors Don’t Know the Future

We live in an age that pretends to have made great strides in medical science. Maybe we have, but there are still many “anomalies.” The latest fad in medical ethics is to start legally recognizing the “voluntary” euthanizing of children—and to illegally euthanize many more. This sort of movement is premised on the idea that we know when we should give up. It implies that we can predict that life is not ever going to get better on the basis of medical knowledge. But that premise is Read more […]

The Myth Of Environmental Danger From The Keystone XL Pipeline

I’ve expressed my reservations about the Keystone XL Pipeline as a conservative who hates eminent domain, but there may be ways to get around that problem (as I learned from the comment to my earlier post). The main popular objection to the pipeline is an environmental concern. Thus, the Latin Post reports, According to an earlier Pew Research Center poll cited earlier by Washington Post, last year only 66 percent of Americans supported the project while 23 percent opposed it. The recent increase Read more […]

NSA So Concerned To Protect Us From Terrorists That It Diverted Resources For Industrial Espionage

We need the NSA. Without the NSA, we would have many more 9-11s. (I find it amazing that the NSA was never even mentioned in the 9-11 Commission Report. Where were they?) There are terrorists who hate us and, without the NSA, we would be their prey. So why does the NSA take time and resources to spy on allies and engage in industrial espionage. From Fox News: The National Security Agency and its Canadian counterpart carried out spying operations during the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto, according Read more […]

DHS Is Doing A Bang-Up Job (At Least That’s What Happened To The Plane)

In the news this morning: “Report: DHS employees abusing overtime allowances” by Alicia Caldwell: WASHINGTON (AP) — Employees from six Homeland Security Department offices have abused an overtime program and cost the government about $8.7 million a year, according an Office of Special Counsel letter and report sent Thursday to the president and Congress… According to one whistle-blower, some Customs and Border Protection employees assigned to the commissioner’s situation room at its headquarters Read more […]

The Media Bashes Suzanne Somers Because She’s Not Cool Like All The Pro-Obama Hollywood Snots

Suzanne Somers wrote a piece against Obamacare in the Wall Street Journal. Naturally, the media decides to take her apart. You should trust them because they were so careful to vet all of Obama’s promises about what the Affordable Care Act will be like. Somers, who married into a Canadian family, reports on what she has seen of the Canadian healthcare system—mainly a shortage of doctors. I’ve had an opportunity to watch the Canadian version of affordable health care in action with all its Read more […]

Flood Used as Cover for Firearm Confiscation

Residents of the High River area of Alberta, Canada, who had already been evacuated from their homes for more than a week were further angered Thursday when it was announced that the Mounted Police were seizing firearms from evacuated homes. The Mounties claimed they had urgent need to enter each of the homes, and they further said that they only seized guns that were stored unsafely in plain sight. “We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because Read more […]