Liberal Message Found Under Dove Chocolate Wrapper

Liberalism was not content to have permeated every facet of the media, from journalism to movies, music to magazines, and TV commercials that give us the politically correct message that black women are stronger than white women, and that all men, the fairer sex, are idiots who but for the wisdom of women would never survive to middle age. No, having such widespread influence over the American population was not enough for liberalism. Now it has messed with Dove chocolates. Dove makes sensuously Read more […]

Minnesota Store Cited For Selling Candy “Cigarettes”

The St. Paul, Minnesota city council unanimously voted in 2009 to outlaw cartoon character lighters and candy that resembled cigarettes. Unfortunately, a small shop in St. Paul didn’t get the memo and had candy “cigarettes” in stock as well as gum shaped like cigars and chewing tobacco. The candy cigarettes were their biggest sellers. The Star Tribune reported that a city official visited the store a little over a week ago and instructed them to get rid of all the candy that looked like tobacco Read more […]