Is it Wrong for Starving North Koreans to Eat Their Children?

Stories are coming out of North Korea of cannibalism. People are so desperate for food that some of them are resorting to eating their own children. After food was taken from the farming provinces to feed people in the capital, a drought followed leaving 10,000 dead. People are starving because of government policies. Bad economic principles lead to bad economic outcomes. Desperate people do desperate things. Life is cheap in Communist countries. “One man was executed when it was discovered Read more […]

Another Zombie Attack in Pennsylvania

The classic fright film The Night of the Living dead (1968) was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now there’s another zombie attack in Pennsylvania. For the past couple years, the CDC has taken advantage of pop culture in order to encourage people to stay prepared. The zombie theme that they have employed is spreading to other disaster relief agencies of government. There’s even a comic book. The CDC explains: Our graphic novel, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” demonstrates the importance Read more […]

Liberals Love to Talk About Rape as a Funny Thing

Todd Akin is in political trouble because he used the phrase “legitimate rape” when trying to make the case that the trauma of rape rarely results in pregnancy. It was certainly a poor choice of words, but nothing like the way liberals throw around the word rape. Cher Tweeted this about Akin: “[L]et Aiken get raped by man with HIV/AIDS. Nothing will happen, right? Body shuts down as defense mechanism. Idiots.” This is such a loaded statement that I’ll get in a lot of trouble if I start Read more […]