Evangelicals: A House Divided on Capital Punishment

Officially, the National Association of Evangelicals, an organization that represents Evangelical Christians of many different denominations, always stood in support of capital punishment.  Christianity Today reports: Since the early 1970s, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has stood in favor of the death penalty. It reasoned that capital punishment was an ethical stance for Christians because it works as a deterrent and lends appropriate gravitas to heinous crimes. “If no crime Read more […]

Why Are Firing Squads Such a Big Deal?

Utah has reinstated firing squads as a backup method of executing prisoners who are sentenced to die. If you don’t believe in capital punishment, then the method doesn’t matter. Anything that kills a person is objectionable because it kills. Of course, there are really inhumane ways of killing people that would shade into torture. Even if a person is guilty of murdering in a way that involved torturing his victims, the job of the government is not to develop a system of perfect payback Read more […]

Killer Might Get Reprimanded or Disbarred for His Crime?

A former prosecutor might be or might not be disbarred because of misconduct in a trial that resulted in the execution of a man on the basis of false evidence. Fox News posted a short news release from the Associated Press: “Texas state bar asks court to punish prosecutor for handling of 1992 death penalty arson case.” A prosecutor who handled the case of a Texas man executed for the fire deaths of his three daughters has been formally accused of misconduct over allegations that he concealed Read more […]

Two Problems with Capital Punishment in One Story

Newser.com reports, A Missouri inmate was put to death just after midnight for raping and killing a college student in 1995, making him the first US prisoner put to death since an Arizona lethal injection went awry last month. The Missouri Department of Corrections says Michael Worthington was executed by lethal injection at the state prison. He is the seventh Missouri inmate executed this year. Worthington had been sentenced to death for the attack on the 24-year-old woman during a burglary of Read more […]

The Conservative Case for The Welfare State for Capital Criminals?

Kirsten Powers was and still is a Clintonian Liberal. She had some kind of conversion to Christianity and, subsequently, stopped favoring the legality of abortion. She now thinks it should be outlawed as murder. But otherwise, she uses her platform in the media to defend same sex “marriage” and the coercion of Christians to affirm the existence of  such a thing. We’ll have to see if she comes to her sense or makes herself an anti-Christ propagandist. But now she is trotting out the “conservative Read more […]

Warren Hill “Not Competent to Be Executed”?

I didn’t know competency was required to die. Warren Lee Hill was scheduled to be executed in Georgia last night, but he has been granted a stay of execution because the courts are now convinced he might be retarded. Apparently, Georgia passed a law in 1988 prohibiting the execution of the mentally handicapped, and the Supreme Court has also ruled that this would be unconstitutional. I didn’t know the Constitution talked about mental health issues (must be in the interstate commerce clause), Read more […]