Scammed Court Makes a Scam the Basis of Justice: Global Warming

The ongoing corruption of science is a grave travesty. This shows once again why science–like business, and banking/economics–should be entirely separated from government funding and oversight. Thus, from the Washington Times, an editorial on “Rigged Science.” A fractured Supreme Court on Monday largely upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s radical rule designed to shut down the power plants that produce the most affordable electricity. The justices continue to accept the EPA’s Read more […]

Environmentalists Are Wrong: We Don’t Breathe Out Death to the Planet

From Roy W. Spencer’s blog: “Greening of Planet Earth: A Little Crowdsourcing Project.” It has been documented that global warming has been accompanied by a general greening of land areas in recent decades, especially those which are semi-arid. While some areas of greening might be attributable to increased rainfall, carbon dioxide fertilization and longer growing seasons are also involved. The satellite studies have been based upon visible sensor data that measures greenness. Here’s the Read more […]

Al Gore Attacks People Who Exhale as Despicable

From the Heritage Foundation blog: Al Gore was “fired up” at the University of Hawaii in sharing his message on climate change, according to a local TV news report of a speech in which the former vice president bashed unnamed “carbon polluters” as being ”immoral, unethical, and despicable.” Gore, wearing a bright lei around his neck, proved a pumped-up keynote speaker at a “sustainability conference” held Tuesday at the Manoa campus. A report by KITV News includes video of Read more […]

EPA’s Christmas Gift to the Nation: 134 More Regulations

It is not like we can punish Obama at the polls for what he is doing. So naturally he is unleashing his reavers on the countryside. By “reavers” I mean, of course, the Environmental Protection Racket Agency. The Daily Caller reports: On Tuesday, the White House released its regulatory agenda for the fall of 2013. It lists hundreds of pending energy and environmental regulations being crafting by executive branch agencies, including 134 regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency alone. The Read more […]

Global Warming High Priests Want Your Money

The U.N. high priests of Global Warming are meeting this week, no doubt flying into Stockholm, Sweden, on private pollutant-spewing jets. Global Warming “science” pays well, so they an afford it. Despite all data to the contrary, their final report on the scourge of manmade global warming, to be released on Sept. 30 will surely be chock-full of dire predictions of climate Armageddon unless America reverts to third-world status. Yet some have started to recognize the graffiti on the walls Read more […]

More Lies About ‘Greenhouse Gasses’

Recently, scientists at the CO2 monitoring station at Mona Loa Observatory in Hawaii announced that CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere have reached 400 parts per million. Pieter Tans of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that CO2 levels haven’t been this high in 2 million years. On the surface, it seems we should all be concerned with this high level reading rush to do whatever we can to bring the level down, based on their assumption that CO2 is the main greenhouse Read more […]