Paying Off Poor Nations to Go Along with the Climate Change Hoax

Tad Cronn warned us about this. The poor–called “developing nations”–want to be paid a lot of money to go along with the global warming hoax. I don’t really blame them. If they were going to seriously give up the  internal combustion engine, the cost to their people would be unimaginable. In fact, there is not enough money in the world to make it feasible. The result is a double layer of fraud. Poor governments want to pretend to care about their carbon footprint and wealthier governments Read more […]

Eurocrats Increase Carbon Emissions by Cap and Trade Scheme

Those brilliant Eurocrats created a financial incentive through the U.N. to increase carbon emissions. There is no way that many powerful planners did not foresee this happening. I can only assume they didn’t care. Perhaps they got kickbacks and they actually wanted the system to work the way it is, in fact, working. Pretending this is a surprise is like pretending no one foresaw Greece becoming a huge financial problem when they were admitted into the EU. Lets rehearse how Cap and Trade Read more […]

A Reason to Defeat Democrats in 2014: They Want to Tax Energy!

Australia was recently condemned by Al Gore for pulling back from its carbon taxes. Now, the Daily Caller reports that South Korea is showing signs that it may follow Australia’s lead. We can only hope that other nations throw off their shackles. But Democrats in the United States are doubling down. Even with the possibility of losing the Senate they are openly promising to attempt to impose a new tax on the American people after the elections. According to CNS News: Senate Majority Leader Read more […]