Gabrielle Union Speaks About the Price of Delaying Childbearing

Fame and fortune are enjoyable, but delaying childbearing can be forever, as Gabrielle Union reminds us. The common ideology in the United States is that there are no tradeoffs between children and career. Weirdly, our culture will emphasize such tradeoffs for men, but the laws of opportunity and risk somehow don’t apply to women. Recently Redbook put out their “ageless” issue—which is rather ironic since they interviewed the 43-year-old Gabrielle Union who spoke openly about the price Read more […]

“Princeton Mom” Shows College Women Are Being Recruited Into Feminism Through Fraud

Just like her original piece, this essay by Susan Patton (now dubbed the “Princeton Mom”) is provoking a great deal of hostility. (For the record, I have heard a couple of second-hand reports that Patton has made statements that I do not agree with. I don’t know yet if these reports are liberal smears or not. But I am only dealing with the logic of her March essay for Yahoo, because that is what I have read, not to anything else she may have said. Also, she says some dismissive things about Read more […]