Why Does the Obama Regime Think Autonomous Cars Are Worth $4 Billion?

Given the rhetoric about the non-existent “epidemic of gun violence,” perhaps the Obama Administration feels compelled to show concern for highway deaths since they far exceed gun deaths. But they want to spend a lot of money! USA Today reports, The Obama administration on Thursday proposed a 10-year, $4 billion push to spark the development of self-driving cars, hoping to one day eliminate roadway deaths. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Read more […]

If Gun Control is About Reducing Violence Then Let’s Ban Microwaves, Cars and Kitchen Spatulas

After being embarrassingly defeated in the Democratic controlled Senate on his anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment bills, President Barack Obama has vowed to continue to his fight to reduce violence in the United States.  He still contends that the defeated anti-gun laws have the sole purpose of reducing gun related violence and make our nation safer.  The rest of the liberal Democrats echo his claims and also vows to push again and again to rid our nation of these evil inanimate items that cause Read more […]