Without Government, Who Would Warn Us to not Kiss Chickens?

The Centers for Disease Control has really issued a warning to farmers to make sure they don’t kiss chickens. Your tax dollars at work. Here’s a story from the io9 sci-fi website: “Actual CDC Warning to Farmers: “Don’t Kiss Chickens” Sound advice, CDC! But, uh, just why did you guys feel the need to issue this warning in the first place? It’s because we’re in the midst of a series of small Salmonella outbreaks, with just under 200 cases reported thus far. A handful of these were Read more […]

Why the Centers for Disease Control Hides the Truth

I’ve already posted today about the problem with treating the Centers for Disease Control as the central authority that can save us. Perhaps the CDC’s “quiet” changes in the description of Ebola and its dangers will help us see the problem more clearly. According to the Daily Caller, “CDC Quietly Lowered Critical Ebola Temperature After Nurse Became Ill.” The Centers for Disease Control quietly lowered the official threshold for what it considers significant fever after the Read more […]

CDC Proves Central Power Is Not the Solution to All Problems

We have been treated to a string of stories asserting or assuming that only central power can save us from an Ebola plague. But the facts don’t add up. Monday, I pointed out how the media was campaigning for more centralized authority as the self-evident solution to our risk of an outbreak. The big problem is that states have autonomy and the CDC can only offer advice that no one is required to obey. If only we had a Federal cadre of doctor-dictators telling us all what to do, then we would Read more […]

CDC Authority is Not Prophetic

We claim to be intelligent and scientific, so why do we invoke CDC authority? Who died and made the Centers for Disease Control God? When I saw this story about sleep requirements for optimal health and functioning, I didn’t expect to post about it. But the way the story ended reminded me of how the media often assumes that centralized authority somehow determines truth. I posted yesterday about how, contrary to media assumptions, the Ebola emergency is not an argument for increased centralized Read more […]

Ebola Is Not a Reason for Increased Centralized Power

The spread of the disease might be halted by increased centralized power, but it also might be spread faster. The assumptions in this USA Today story are rather obvious: As Thomas Eric Duncan’s family mourns the USA’s first Ebola death in Dallas, one question reverberates over a series of apparent missteps in the case: Who is in charge of the response to Ebola? The answer seems to be — there really isn’t one person or agency. There is not a single national response. […] “One of the Read more […]

Why the Government Can’t Keep Ebola Facts Straight

The President’s Ebola Facts Contradict Other Government Sources. There are theoretical reasons to expect the government to hide the truth and even put out contradictory information. In theory, one duty of the modern state is to protect the population from diseases or plagues. But, given the needs of government, this translates into three drives or agendas of the state: Protect people from disease by informing them how to protect themselves. Prevent the people from panicking by misinforming Read more […]

Sex Designed for Faithful Love, not Diseased Bed-Hopping

What is sex designed for? From this bad news it seems almost like we weren’t designed to hop from bed-to-bed. Imagine that. From the Atlanta CBS station: “CDC: 110 Million Americans Have STDs At Any Given Time.” While the national media focus on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the patient in Dallas, the CDC is reminding Americans that sexually transmitted diseases are an ongoing but hidden epidemic. In the United States, nearly 20 million cases of new STD infections are reported Read more […]

Ebola Confirmed in Dallas

Just a couple of weeks ago, the White House was assuring Americans that ebola posed no threat to the United States, even as President Obama dispatched thousands of troops to West Africa to “fight” the disease. It didn’t take long for that claim to blow up in the Administration’s face. The Centers for Disease Control confirmed on Tuesday that a patient in a Dallas hospital is the nation’s first recognized case of ebola, and that unnamed others may have been exposed. The patient is listed in Read more […]

Is “Zombie Apocalypse” Used to Desensitize Us?

The CDC’s “Zombie Apocalypse Tour” apparently wasn’t just a humorous and catchy way to encourage people to stay prepared for the worst case scenario. It’s now spread to law enforcement agencies around the country. Just in time for Halloween, there will be a conference in San Diego from October 29through November 2hosted by a security firm called the Halo Corporation. In addition to having expert speakers such as former CIA director Michael Hayden, this conference, called the Halo Counter-terrorism Read more […]

How Juries Can Nullify Bad Laws

Behind every bad law is a trail of money that leads to lobbyists that represent powerful corporations. Corporations use the legal system literally to outlaw their competition through the enforcement of regulations, taxes, and fees that smaller businesses can’t afford. In the case of raw milk laws, entities like dairy associations and big agricultural corporations are intent on outlawing their competition not just through regulations but by arguing that it’s “for the people’s own good.” Read more […]

Another Zombie Attack in Pennsylvania

The classic fright film The Night of the Living dead (1968) was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now there’s another zombie attack in Pennsylvania. For the past couple years, the CDC has taken advantage of pop culture in order to encourage people to stay prepared. The zombie theme that they have employed is spreading to other disaster relief agencies of government. There’s even a comic book. The CDC explains: Our graphic novel, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” demonstrates the importance Read more […]

EPA Finally Decides Industrial Waste Byproduct is Bad For Us

What’s not to love about the Environmental “Protection” Agency? In the late 40s they started dosing our municipal water supplies with fluoride, an industrial waste product and known toxin, because some people in white lab coats said that would be good for our teeth. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that aluminum industries had piles of the stuff accumulating. The EPA claims that new studies indicate that fluoride, rather than promoting dental health, actually causes streaking, Read more […]