Nine Planned Parenthood Sting Videos Released So Far

The Daily Caller provides a rundown of the important admissions made in the Planned Parenthood sting videos. The Republicans in Congress are holding hearings but the media is unrelenting in its cover-up of the nature of the Planned Parenthood sting videos. Yesterday, while in my car, I heard a news source more than once talk about “fetal tissue” as being the source of the controversy. But when you actually view (and listen to) the videos, you hear about “liver,” “lungs,” and “intact Read more […]

If Abortion Is OK, then Why Shouldn’t Women Conceive In Order to Sell Livers and Brains?

People who claim abortion is OK should prove they mean it by advocating that women get pregnant just so they can sell the baby parts. Supposedly there is some vast difference between a stillborn baby and an aborted fetus. But if Planned Parenthood is really so confident of that “fact” (which is really just a stupid lie), then why don’t they go all the way? I was reminded of the issue by the release of the eighth video from the Center for Medical Progress. As Life News reports, Read more […]

Obama Bundler Judge Bans Videos that Embarrass Planned Parenthood for Being Hannibal Lecter Incorporated

A judge bans videos, censoring the media and canceling the First Amendment and only some conservatives are outraged. Earlier, a judge had only barred the release of video of a meeting with representatives of StemExpress, who don’t want us to know that they were eager to receive whole, intact (born alive?) “fetuses” (aka babies). Now this ruling is far broader. And, don’t be fooled by the black robes. This is the Obama Administration working through an ally. As the Federalist Read more […]