Socialist Medicine Means Exploiting and Overworking Doctors

England’s system of socialist medicine is using overworked doctors who are required to fill more and more overtime. Here is an interesting story from England’s The Independent showing where our own country is headed: “NHS hospitals pushing young medics to brink of ‘burnout’ by relying on them to work extra hours.” Hospitals are pushing young medics to the brink of “burnout” by relying on them to work extra hours to plug long-term gaps in ward rotas, leading doctors have warned, after Read more […]

Ebola Czar Choice Shows How Obama Got Elected

The Ebola Czar shows that people want to believe in magic. They want to believe in magic people who work like genies granting wishes. It is pretty clear that no one knows how to manage the PR and the real health risks involved in the African Ebola epidemic. So what do they do? They find someone who they want to believe will make all the hard decisions for them. If that person fails, the blame will be put on him. If he succeeds, Barack Obama will take the credit (though he will generously give Read more […]

Why the Centers for Disease Control Hides the Truth

I’ve already posted today about the problem with treating the Centers for Disease Control as the central authority that can save us. Perhaps the CDC’s “quiet” changes in the description of Ebola and its dangers will help us see the problem more clearly. According to the Daily Caller, “CDC Quietly Lowered Critical Ebola Temperature After Nurse Became Ill.” The Centers for Disease Control quietly lowered the official threshold for what it considers significant fever after the Read more […]

Centralized Power Is a Corruption Magnet

The reason we have so much corruption is that centralized power makes such corruption possible and profitable. From the Of Two Minds blog: I confess that reading Francis Fukuyama’s latest cri du coeur in Foreign Affairs,America in Decay: The Sources of Political Dysfunction made me think Mr. Fukuyama has either been reading or channeling Of Two , as his brutal assessment of America’s terminal political dysfunction reflects many of the themes I’ve been hammering on for the past Read more […]

Egypt Teaches Political Power Grabs Hurt Economic Development

Yesterday, Business Insider reported, “Egyptian Stocks Got Obliterated In One Of The Ugliest One-Day Charts We Can Ever Recall.” According to everything we hear in the media and in the Obama campaign, the key to economic growth is giving power to the few, or even to the one. The chart they derived from Bloomberg, may demonstrate that Egypt disproves that point of view.   According to Business Insider, “Fears that Mohamed Morsi is screwing the whole revolution up with his “Morsilini” Read more […]