Charles Murray Disinvited to Christian College: Another Instance of Cowardocracy Culture

I’ve written about how our current Cowardocracy destroys curiosity, science, and learning at the Public High School level. It is also an acid that eats away at our colleges and universities, even at ostensibly Christian institutions that should not be ruled by fear. I used to be a fan of Charles Murray. I read his book Losing Ground back when I was a freshman in college. It was amazing. I wasn’t so happy when his The Bell Curve came out, but I haven’t read that one, so I can’t really Read more […]

Will Liberals Attack Al Sharpton for His Anti-Abortion Comment?

Students at Johns Hopkins University accused students who oppose abortion to be white supremacists. This was an odd accusation since “[a]ccording to 2010 census data, African Americans make up 12.6% of the U.S. population but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that black women accounted for 35.4% of all abortions in 2009.” These highly educated students need to check out this site for a dose of empirical reality. I wonder what these Johns Hopkins University pro-abortionists think Read more […]

I’m Tired of Paying for People Who Live Below Sea Level

Another Hurricane has swept over the lowlands of Louisiana . . . again. The levees are being tested  . . . again. More than $14 billion was spent on repairing them after the devastating effects of Katrina in 2005. After the floods that destroyed thousands of homes, people moved back to the below sea level area. Government insurance has made it easier for people to take risks with other people’s money. For example, standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover losses due to floods. Read more […]