Charlie Rangel Attacks Another (Non-White) Race

Pot meet kettle. From Business Insider via Yahoo! Finance: “Charlie Rangel Makes Racially-Charged Remark During Debate.” Democratic New York Congressman Charlie Rangel made a rather racially-charged remark about the main rival in his re-election bid during a debate Friday. Rangel suggested his opponent in the Democratic primary, State Senator Adriano Espaillat, has accomplished little besides being from the Dominican Republic in a district with a large Latino population.  Rangel brought Read more […]

No Brown Bags but ‘White Crackers’ are OK

Just when we thought we have seen or heard it all, the lefties surprise us. The recent declaration by Seattle city officials to consider a ban on a couple of perfectly harmless and reasonable words is predictably ridiculous. I guess it’s not surprising given the current tone in this country. I’m sure it’s strictly coincidental that word-ban fever only leans one direction. White cracker, honkey, and teabagger are all still perfectly acceptable for whites. How do we know? Democrat Congressman Read more […]

Lots of Encouraging Election News

The Democrats are accusing Mitt Romney of being Pro-Life. I know Romney’s abortion views have been suspect, but the Democrats think he’s anti-abortion. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made this point over and over again in her revealing interview with Anderson Copper, so let’s go with it. To add insult to Debbie’s injury, “Internal polling rates her the least effective of all Obama campaign surrogates.” Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her on the interview circuit There’s a news Read more […]