Good News for Students: Teacher Unions Dwindling

We commonly say that teacher unions are for the teachers and not for students, but that’s not completely true. When union rules assign raises and other promotions solely on the basis of seniority and never on the basis of performance, then the unions are for time-serving incompetent teacher and not for young superior teachers. That means that there are reasons that some teachers would be opposed to teacher unions. Thus, EAG News reports, “TEACHER: Unions losing fight against members, parents, Read more […]

Liberal Bishop Considers School Vouchers to be a ‘Tragedy’

Gene Robinson is the ninth bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and the first openly homosexual bishop. Corruption in morality in one thing often leads to corruption elsewhere. It’s no surprise, therefore, that his homosexual lifestyle is impacting other areas. In this case, Robinson believes that voucher programs that benefit non-government schools are a “tragedy.” “‘I am a believer in public education and I believe every dollar Read more […]