FedEx CEO Attacks Public School Monopoly

Frederick Smith says that the public school monopoly tends “to gravitate to the lowest common denominator.” In my opinion, Frederick Smith was courageous to say the things he said. There are two reasons for my opinion. First, despite the popular myth about them and the free market, businessmen and entrepreneurs are often more interested in gaining government help than in winning in a free market environment. For some, a monopoly is what they aspire to become once they get successful enough to Read more […]

No ISIS link? Try Islam!

The headlines are saying that officials are finding no ISIS link in the case of the murders committed by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. Really? I realize that lots of Muslims don’t commit acts of violence. Claiming a substantial link between Islam and terrorism or violence does not, in any way, imply that all Muslims are guilty. But it is still blind and dangerous to refuse to actually deal with Islam as an increased risk. Statistics are not lying. It is especially hypocritical when there is Read more […]

Even Local Governments Bail Out The Wealthiest

Why is the Federal Government getting ready to bail out the one percent? Because local governments do so. Bob Allen has already posted about how the $1.1 trillion cromnibus bill puts taxpayers on the hook to bailout banks if their “investments” (i.e. risky gambling adventures) fail. How can they get away with such brazen corruption? The answer, in part, is that it seems to be part of human nature to assume that the purpose of government is to protect the super wealthy. We see this at Read more […]