Accountability – The Check on Power

One of the great elements of healthy and growing disciples of Jesus Christ is that they place themselves in relationships with other Christians who provide accountability. John Wesley saw a great need as he preached throughout England in the 18th Century. Many professed faith in Jesus Christ as a result of his preaching yet quickly fell away from the faith after he moved on to the next town. Wesley realized that he was just spiritually awakening people who quickly fell back to sleep. He Read more […]

Does Barack Obama Even Know Why We Have a Senate?

From the Washington Times: “Obama blames Founding Fathers’ ‘structural’ design of Congress for gridlock.” President Obama is taking a swipe at the Founding Fathers, blaming his inability to move his agenda on the “disadvantage” of having each state represented equally in the Senate. At a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago Thursday night, Mr. Obama told a small group of wealthy supporters that there are several hurdles to keeping Democrats in control of the Senate and recapturing the Read more […]

Constitutional Law Professor: Get Rid of the Constitution!

Barack Obama and Louis Michael Seidman have a few things in common:  they are both “progressive” leftists; they were both Constitutional Law professors; and they both want to get rid of the US Constitution. The difference is, the President probably wouldn’t just come out and admit it, but his actions indicate that he wants nothing more than to just scrap the entire document and declare himself dictator. Seidman on the other hand wrote an op-ed in the New York Times with the headline, “Let’s Read more […]