Remember Back When the New York Times Favored Afghan Man-Boy Rape?

While it is great that the Liberal paper is exposing it now, don’t forget that they excused man-boy rape less than a decade ago. It was great that a paper with wide readership reported on the man-boy rape that soldiers are punished for opposing—even if the wide readership is undeserved, and a sign of national intellectual bankruptcy that the paper still has such a wide readership. I refer, of course, to the New York Times and their story, “U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Provides the Perfect Cover for Rape and Child Abuse

A recent investigation of Planned Parenthood in Alabama says they failed to report the rape of a minor to whom they aborted two children in four months. All the way back in 2013, Phil Hodges wrote about the Obama Administration’s desire to see the “morning after pill” sold over the counter: But what effect is this going to have on child molesters and rapists? Remember that case recently of a 31-year-old man who raped a 12-year-old girl, took her to a Planned Parenthood facility and forced Read more […]

Taxpayers Raped to Study Anal Penetration of Black Youths

Over $400,000 is being spent to “study” the “meaning and function” of first “penetrative same-sex sexual experiences” of Black Youths. I really am not sure what to say about this news story and the Washington Free Beacon: “Feds Spent $410,265 Studying ‘Satisfaction’ Levels of Young Gay Men’s First Time.” The four-year study, being conducted by Johns Hopkins University, is examining the “meaning and function” of first “penetrative same-sex sexual experiences.” “Prior Read more […]

What Happens to Special Needs Kids in School

Parents aren’t informed how special needs children get treated in school. When discussing public school as opposed to private school or homeschooling, the subject of special needs children is typically brought up as a reason we need public school (I can’t bring myself to write “public education). Parents aren’t equipped to handle some children with special needs. [See also, “‘Put Your Fourteen-Year-Old into the Care of Pedophiles?’ Now a Relevant Question for U.S. Citizens.”] It Read more […]

White Privilege in Action? Social Services Lets Woman Who Did Nothing Wrong Keep Her Child

I really don’t like most discussions of white privilege because most of it seems aimed at making people feel guilty about factors beyond their control that they shouldn’t waste time feeling guilty about. This is done to serve agendas that often have nothing to do with fixing the problems that are allegedly addressed. Also, it is used to create division between people who ought to have common cause. What I mean by that last sentence is that people of similar economic means would normally Read more […]

Another British Entertainer Gets Busted For Pedophilia

While the vile accusations about Hollywood have yet to be really investigated, the British authorities seem to be doing something about pedophiles in the BBC, if only decades late. The Guardian reports: Paul Gambaccini, the veteran BBC TV and radio presenter, has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences under Operation Yewtree. Gambaccini, whose broadcasting career spans 40 years at the BBC, was held on Tuesday as part of the inquiry into alleged sexual offences by Jimmy Savile and others… He Read more […]

Transsexual “Woman” Does Everything Topless In Public

An article at the UK’s DailyMail says the above freak’s name is Stacy Schnee, but since it does not detail whether Stacy was his birth name or the name he gave himself, I will simply refer to him as Mr. Schnee. I don’t want to risk calling him Stacy if that’s his self-given name because I refuse to cater to the sexual whims of the deviant among us. This Massachusetts man, this Mr. Schnee with the exposed, solid rack pushing aggressively through his taut skin, at one point in his undignified life, Read more […]

Necrophilia Replaces Pedophilia at Penn State

Unprecedented. That’s the word that keeps popping up anytime a word is spoken or written regarding the fiasco at Penn State. Yesterday, the NCAA declared its judgment against the University for the multiple levels of failings in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse case, and although it fell short of imposing the so-called death penalty against the school’s football program (i.e. closing it down completely), it has effectively killed it in a litany of sanctions and penalties. Further, the NCAA has Read more […]