Sometimes Ending Child Labor Is Cruel to Children

Advocates of ending child labor need to gain some respect for unintended consequences. Milton Friedman famously suggested that government programs should be measured by results, not their intentions. I’m sure he said also, or would have said, that moral crusades should be judged by their consequences, not by the intentions of the moral crusaders. For whatever reason the New York Times Editorial Board decided late last month to pass judgment on at what age and how much children in India work Read more […]

Cutting Poor Families Off from Income to Protect Them?

People often make sacrifices in the future for the sake of the present. Or rather, they choose present and what they hope will be future benefits even though the choice also mandates or risks future problems. I’ve been told repeatedly that there could be problems in my future if I don’t get eight hours of sleep, but I think I will have worse immediate problems if I shrink my work day. So I make do with six or seven. But children can often make bad choices because they don’t really grasp Read more […]