Manassas City Police Back Down on “Chemical Erection Warrant” But Prosecutor Still Abusing the Law

As you may know, the Manassas City Police were issued a warrant to induce an erection (via some kind of injection, hopefully) in a seventeen-year-old boy so they could photograph his private part and thus prove that the picture he sent his fifteen-year-old girlfriend was really his. Now the Washington Post reports that they are backing off, but this is not really that significant. It is true (and good as far as it goes) that the police have been shamed by the media attention they have received Read more […]

Manassas City, Virginia: Welcome to the Porn Police State

According to the Washington Post, the cops want to force a seventeen-year-old to have an erection and then photograph his aroused genitals. They want to do this because they suspect that the seventeen-year-old took a picture of his erection and sent it to his girlfriend via texting—“sexting” as it is now called. A judge actually granted that warrant, though it has not yet been executed. I really don’t know what to write about this barking-lunatic pretense of “law enforcement.” I Read more […]

San Francisco “Human Rights Commissioner” Arrested For Actively Participating In Child Porn

There are details about this case that are graphic and disturbing. If you want to know them, you can find them at the SF Weekly blog. The point here is that they show that “Gay Rights Icon” Larry Brinkin not only had horrific images on his computer of young children being sexually used by adult men, but he wrote emails exulting in images that he found especially pleasing. I mention this because, when I hear of someone getting busted for something on their computer, I always wonder if they knew Read more […]

Charged With Child Porn: Lamar Alexander’s Chief-Of-Staff’s Death Ruled Suicide

I posted about the arrest of Ryan Loskarn back before Christmas and how it might or might not be related to other interesting stories that have popped up in Washington DC. I wondered what we would find out as the investigation and trial proceeded. Since dead men tell no tales, we might not learn much. Loskarn’s body was discovered in his parent’s basement. Prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed to give more time for filing an indictment—perhaps in hope of reaching a plea deal. Thus Read more […]

Child Porn Allegations & Lamar Alexander’s Chief Of Staff: Will The Real History Of GOP & Homosexuals Ever Be Known?

What two administrations have been associated with a homosexual scandal? Before I answer the question, let me explain what raised it in my mind. The breaking news today is that Lamar Alexander’s Chief of Staff is being included in a Child Porn investigation. Law enforcement agents have searched the home of GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander’s chief of staff over allegations of child pornography, according to a statement released by the senator’s office. Ryan Loskarn was removed from his home in Read more […]

Dianne Feinstein: Assault Weapons Like Child Pornography

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed Feinstein’s gun-grabbing bill that bans over 150 different types of guns, but it didn’t pass without a fight from Republicans. Ted Cruz grilled Feinstein on the Constitutionality of her gun ban, reminding her that the same “right of the people” applies equally to the 2nd Amendment as it does to the 1st and 4th Amendments. He asked her if she thought it within the purview of the federal government to ban certain books because it didn’t like them (in Read more […]