Norway Government Kidnaps Siblings; Puts Them Up for Adoption in Separate Homes

Why do we call Norway part of “the free world”? From the Christian News: “Norway Officials Place Children Seized From Parents Over ‘Christian Indoctrination’ Up for Adoption.” Officials in Norway have moved to place five children that were seized from their parents on charges that included “Christian radicalization and indoctrination” up for adoption, reports state. As previously reported, on Nov. 16 and 17, Norway’s child welfare services, the Barnevernet, seized Marius and Ruth Read more […]

Chicken Pox as Child Abuse?

KSDK reports, “Woman’s chicken pox party concerns authorities.” It’s been a longtime practice among parents who believe in natural immunizations. Chicken pox parties are popular with families who want their children to catch the disease, rather than be vaccinated. However, a visit to a Plano mom’s home by Child Protective Services this week has triggered worries within the community that authorities may be prosecuting them as bad parents. The mom said that CPS knocked on her door because she Read more […]

The Police State Campaign to Terrorize Poor People Continues

When you take their children away on a ludicrous charge we can safely deduce that you are working to terrorize poor people. Didn’t Mark Horne already post this story? Nope, that was about a woman who let her child play “hours at a time” at a popular public park with her own mobile phone while the mother worked at McDonald’s. In this new story, a woman got arrested for allowing her children to play thirty feet from her while she attempted to interview for a job. According to Raw Read more […]

Florida Soviet Grabs Kid from Front Yard

The state grabs kid because he didn’t have food available and puts him in a home where all he got to eat was cereal. If you’re supposed to be home at a certain time to let your kids in the house, you had better make it or else you can expect to lose a child to the state—especially in the Soviet of Florida. From Lenore Skenazy at “11-Year-Old Boy Played in His Yard. CPS Took Him, Felony Charge for Parents.” One afternoon this past April, a Florida mom and dad I’ll call Read more […]

About Time! Parents Cleared of Letting Children Play Outside … for Now

The Meitivs were charged with neglect for letting their children play outside; they have been cleared in one of the two instances. Child Protective Services has, in one case, cleared parents of the accusation of “neglecting” their children by letting them walk to the neighborhood park and play. Ironically, in the second case, the children were grabbed by strangers and held captive for hours—the strangers being the police. The Washington Post reports, “Maryland’s ‘free range’ Read more […]

Parents Threatened for “Enclosing” Children in Park?

Why are parents threatened for letting children play? Remember the series of horror stories we heard about parents leaving their kids in vehicles? Well, just recently a Maryland mother was charged with allowing a child under the age of eight “to be locked or confined in a dwelling, building, enclosure, or motor vehicle while the person charged is absent.” The only problem with this is that the children were not locked anywhere. They were not confined to any “dwelling, building, enclosure, Read more […]

Mother Facing Prison for Caring for Sick Son

This story about a mother facing prison shows that state law enforcement officials are torturers. Minnesota has voted to legalize medical marijuana. The law will probably be abused by some who really just want to get high. It will probably open up new avenues for getting the drug for recreational purposes. But the evidence seems overwhelming that, for some, marijuana is the perfect medicine. This shouldn’t surprise us. Most dangerous drugs have or had medicinal uses. Some are obviously helpful Read more […]

Lena Dunham Memoir Would Get Normal People Arrested

The Lena Dunham memoir gets a much-deserved critique by Kevin D. Williams at the National Review blog. It deserves it for many reasons. But what stands out to me is that Dunham gives us evidence that being raised by rich Leftists means being raised to get into sexual situations that would bring down state child-protection bureaucrats and police on any normal family. Imagine what would happen if an elementary school teacher found out that one or more of the following event occurred at the home Read more […]

It’s Official: We Just Torture Parents Now

A mother left three small children in her car. So now she’s facing criminal charges: “cruelty to children.” Makes sense right? Leaving a child in a car is a way to kill them. Any parent who would do such a thing must be horribly negligent. Such parents should be prosecuted as criminals in a civilized society. Except this Rock Hill, South Carolina mother didn’t leave them in the heat. She left them in a running car with the air conditioning on. But that is still evil. Someone might Read more […]

Father Threatened with Loss of Custody Because Son Twirled Pencil in Class

If we allow ourselves to be treated this way, we will be treated this way. As you may remember, back in April I posted about the student who, while twirling his pencil, was accused of making gun gestures with it in class by a hostile student. Here’s one of the newscasts. According to’s blog, the superintendent claimed he was never actually suspended, just kept out of class for two days for a proper psychological interrogation. But the real scandal is far worse than the Read more […]

Courageous Parents Threatened when Opting Out of Common Core

Parents hate to see their kids treated like Borg robots in a Star Trek program while forced to fit into the government’s definition of equal and successful. Surprise! Surprise! Parents want their kids to develop as individuals each prepared to follow his own dreams. In a video on Common Core, New York State PTA Education Coordinator Bob Aloise  supported calling Child Protective Services and charging parents with “educational neglect” for opting-out their kids from the curricula or testing. Despite Read more […]

Mother Jones Gives Us Good Reason To Ditch Public School & Embrace 2nd Amendment

Mother Jones is a left wing magazine (duh) and so, being a right-wing Christian writing on a right wing blog, I confess I am tempted to feel somewhat guilty for linking them. In this case I’m going to use Matt Drudge as to back up my “authentic conservative” street cred because he linked the same article. How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter is a really valuable piece. Let me share a lesson conservatives can learn from it. Homeschooling isn’t just about educating children; Read more […]