The Right is Exploiting Our Children!

Remember a few months back when an 8-year-old boy from Maryland nibbled a Pop Tart into the shape of a pistol and then shot an Australian jogger in the back because he was bored? Oh that’s right — a Pop Tart is a yummy treat, not a weapon and could never be a weapon. I’m sorry. I got my “gun violence” stories mixed up. Anyway, the eight-year-old Maryland boy was suspended from school. Then, if you recall, he was invited to a GOP fundraiser where he was presented with an NRA lifetime membership. The Read more […]

The Netherlands Passes “Right To Die” Legislation For Children

They say it’s the compassionate thing to do, because it’s only for kids and newborns who are terminally ill. When doctors have done everything they can to care for the child, euthanasia serves as the last resort to end the child’s suffering. The decision was made in the Netherlands last week by the Royal Dutch Medical Association. Now, parents can order the deaths of their children who are terminally ill. Doctors will first remove the child from the ventilator and the feeding tube and halt Read more […]

Two First-Graders Suspended For Playing Cops & Robbers

Just a couple weeks ago, a 6-year-old student was suspended for pretending to “shoot” another student with his hand and saying, “Pow!” He was playing of course, but the school officials were alarmed by the boy’s behavior and suspended him. In the assistant principal’s letter to the student’s parents, she wrote that their son “threatened to shoot another student.” After the parents secured a lawyer, they appealed the decision of the school, and the school overturned the student’s Read more […]

Is This the Kind of Guy We Want as President?

The Weekly Standard ran a tiny piece, just a few sentences long, that dealt with an interview Rolling Stone magazine had with the president on October 11. At the end of the interview the executive editor of Rolling Stone, passed on a positive message from his six-year old daughter to the president. The president, reportedly, “grinned” and said this: ‘You know, kids have good instincts,’ They look at the other guy and say, “Well, that’s a bullsh*tter, I can tell.”’” Uh huh. Is Read more […]