Teen Mother Imprisoned in Abortion Clinic

She wouldn’t have been the first teen mother forced to have an abortion, but she escaped. Here is a little story from the abortion slaughterhouse via Lifesite News: “15-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Held in Abortion Clinic Against Her Will Rescued by Police.” The story is reported by Sarah Terzo, who is “a pro-life liberal who runs ClinicQuotes.com, a web site devoted to exposing the abortion industry. She is a member of the pro-life groups Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Secular Read more […]

Why You Should Be Pro-Choice

These people do not actually support the idea of “choice,” but rather that of a particular outcome: abortion.   In the truest sense of the word, there is nothing more American than being pro-choice. This land was first settled by men seeking actual freedom of choice; this being religious freedom. As free will comes from God, men objected to the unlawful authority of their governments. If they were not free to choose for themselves the guiding principles of their lives, they were not Read more […]

Maine Court Embraces Transgender Confusion

Nicole Maines can use the girls’ bathroom, according to a ruling issued Thursday by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. Why did the state’s Supreme Court get involved, and why was this an issue in the first place? Because Nicole Maines is a boy who wants to be a girl, or as the PC police say, a transgender female. The incident that sparked a lawsuit and courtroom battle occurred when Nicole, now 16, was in fifth grade and a parent understandably complained that a boywas going into the girls’ Read more […]

Exciting Compromise On Abortion To Please Both Liberals And Conservatives

There is a picture posted on Twitter by a black girl in which she is posing in a sexually suggestive position in what appears to be a doctor’s office–facing away from the mirror at which she aims her iPhone, one leg propped upon the counter beside her in an inviting manner, emphasizing her substantial derriere, or what is more commonly known among those who are attracted to such rakish behavior as “dat thang.” She posted the picture for the world to see, accompanying it with the words, “Bout Read more […]

Nine-Year-Old Liberal Fascist Takes On McDonald’s

Hannah Robertson is the adorable 9-year-old offspring of a probably liberal upbringing who is well on her way to becoming a good little fascist in her adult years. Hannah wrote a prepared statement–and when I say “Hanna wrote,” I mean “Hannah and not at all her health-food-blogging mother, wink-wink”–to read from as she stood up in front of all the evil big-wigs at a McDonald’s shareholders meeting, including CEO Don Thompson, to give them a piece of “her,” and not at all her mothers’, mind: “Something Read more […]

Choice For Its Own Sake Leads To Another Gosnell

Let not Kermit Gosnell be the sole face of the horror that is abortion. Gosnell is one man out of an unknown number in a horde who are, no more and no less, killers of babies born and unborn. A majority of these savages will never face punishment for the crimes against humanity they are guilty of, much less be charged. Gosnell is one exception against whom justice was served. Douglas Karpen will hopefully be the next. No claim can be made that a right-wing conspiracy is in the works against Karpen. Read more […]