Chris Christie and the Takeover of Atlantic City

Here’s a campaign video claiming that Chris Christie is at least partly responsible for New Jersey’s alleged economic revival: I’m sure Chris Christie did some good things. As someone who was ambitious for higher office, he would be motivated to provide a legacy in New Jersey. Nevertheless, his record is mixed. Bloomberg reports, After almost five years of piecemeal efforts to fix Atlantic City, New Jersey’s distressed seaside resort faces more drastic measures: the end of its casino Read more […]

Chris Christie Stiffs New Jersey Taxpayers and Gets Privacy for Expenses

Chris Christie was allowed to use “secret evidence” to get a judge to rule his security expenses are secret. Here is an interesting story: “Court allows Christie to hide $1 million in Amex charges.” Based on secret evidence, a New Jersey court is allowing Gov. Chris Christie to hide American Express bills that show how his state police security team charged more than $1 million to pay for out-of-state travel. Judge Mary C. Jacobson dismissed a public records suit by New Jersey Watchdog Read more […]

New Jersey Claims Eminent Domain over Man’s House because They Might Want It for Some Reason

While eminent domain is supposed to be for a public purpose, New Jersey says they want the house and will decide on the purpose later. CNN Politics published a valuable editorial this week, “This man won’t let New Jersey take his home.” Senior digital correspondent Chris Moody writes, Since 2012, his property has been the target of a state agency that aims to use eminent domain to demolish his three-story property to build a yet-to-be-announced tourism village the state says will revitalize Read more […]

Chris Christie Demands Hillary Clinton Level Luxury

Chris Christie’s demand that hosts pay for luxury travel and accommodations isn’t unique. It is impossible to read the headline without laughing a bit: “Christie Travels Like a Rock Star —on Others’ Dime.” I laugh because it wasn’t that long ago when we heard stories about Hillary Clinton, which I summed up under the post headline: “Hillary Clinton Makes Rock Star-Level Demands for Those Hiring Her to Speak.” Several times we have found stories about “Queen” Read more […]

From Debt to Despotism: The Lesson of the Christie Takeover

Chris Christie’s takeover of Atlantic City shows the path from debt to despotism. Atlantic City has a city mayor who was elected by the people. He is still in office. But it is questionable how much power he has now. The state executive is taking over the city. Reportedly, “officials stopped short” of calling it a “takeover,” but uses that terminology and so did a headline at, until word “takeover” was replaced with “emergency plan.” Perhaps all such references Read more […]

New Jersey: Pension Promises are Meaningless, Unenforceable

If you are relying on pension promises for your retirement, maybe you need to reconsider. No matter what is promised and no matter what the law says, if the money does not exist, you will not be paid. I am in general an ardent admirer of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie against the unions (I don’t admire him in many other areas). The pension promises that have been made by politicians are wrong and immoral. At the same time, I wonder at the ethics of going to the court and arguing that Read more […]

GOP Money Already Choosing our Next Republican Candidate

Is GOP money going to be able to buy the next president or do we get to vote for him? Despite the fact that Republicans have been handed a huge victory on an anti-Obamacare platform, and despite the fact that we have seen amazing Tea Party victories against the establishment, running an anti-crony-“capitalism” campaign, the Big Money Republicans think they can control the next election. And they are absolutely shameless about it. To these people, the only reasonable options are Jeb Bush, Read more […]

If You Need Proof Obama Is a Control Freak…

Barack Obama often seems disengaged, so why is he acting like a control freak over state Ebola quarantines. While I think the President’s agenda often reveal him to be a control freak, I don’t see it often in his personal behavior as chief executive. He seems to care more about golf than many issues that seem important to others. So what is going on that the President is actively opposing things that are not his business and should not be his concern? Consider this New York Times Read more […]

Chris Christie and the Priorities of Federal Law Enforcement

From the New York Post: A federal grand jury is investigating NJ Governor Chris Christie’s involvement in the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal and heard hours of testimony Friday from Christie press secretary Mike Drewniak. The US Attorney in New Jersey is taking the investigation extremely seriously, and recently increased the number of investigators on the case from three to 10, sources told the Post. Drewniak’s lawyer, Anthony Iacullo, said the aide wasn’t a target of the investigation. “We’re Read more […]

AG Eric Holder Is Investigating Lane Closures On The Washington Bridge But Not IRS Harassment

From the Wall Street Journal: “Christie and the IRS.” Now that we have your attention, allow us to explain. Governor Chris Christie apologized to New Jersey on Thursday for aides who closed traffic lanes in order to punish a Democratic mayor, and he fired a deputy chief of staff. We mention the IRS because Mr. Christie’s contrition contrasts so sharply with President Obama’s handling of the tax agency’s abuse of political opponents and his reluctance to fire anyone other than a military general Read more […]

Obama’s Many Sins Do Not Justify What Chris Christie’s Aid Did

From the Independent Journal: “24 Underreported Democrat Scandals That Make News Media’s ‘Bridgegate Mania’ Look Like a Joke.” Whatever happened in New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie in regards to the already-infamous “bridgegate,” the open gloating by the media over the unacceptable behavior of the Republican governor’s staffers is extremely revealing. Regardless of one’s views on Governor Chris Christie, this coordinated political feeding frenzy is liberal hypocrisy at its finest. 1. Read more […]

Eric Erickson’s Defense Of Chris Christie Should Make Us Want Reduced Government Everywhere

Yesterday Eric Erickson, editor of, offered a defense of Chris Christie on the Fox News website over the partial bridge closing, before launching into some criticisms of him. Frankly , this is routine hardball politics that Republicans and Democrats alike engage in at the local level. Heck, the former mayor of Philadelphia once stopped paving sidewalks in front of people’s houses if they did not support him.  In other areas, trash collection mysteriously stops.  As a formerly Read more […]