Chris Matthews’ Fantasy Love Affair With The President

On MSNBC’s Thursday-night edition of Self-Loathing White Guy with a Psychosexual Fixation on Obama, known in the TV listings as Hardball with Chris Matthews, the titular Mr. Matthews, who appears to have fallen off the wagon, nearly broke down in tears as he rambled his grievances that Republicans don’t share his devoted, unconditional love for the man with whom he fantasizes about sharing a motel room. Calling to mind the syndrome of an abused wife (or a Mrs. Weiner) who stands up for her man Read more […]

Chris Matthews: Only White Supremacists Are Guilty Of Racism

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh was talking about Obama’s Easter Sunday pastor who called out the “captains of the religious right.” The preacher claimed that the (white) Conservative Christians want all the blacks to go to the back of the bus again, for wives to be relegated to the kitchen like they used to be and for the homosexuals to go back in the closet. He complained that those on the religious right are standing in the way of “progress.” A listener called in and suggested that Read more […]