Christmas Banned in Bethlehem

The town is Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Gotta love the irony. The Daily Caller reports, The town named after the birthplace of Jesus Christ has banned signs celebrating the holidays at an intersection in the town that has become a local battleground for the War on Christmas. Officials from Bethlehem, New York had a “Happy Hanukkah” sign and a “Merry Christmas” sign removed from a busy intersection and have refused to put up any new holiday signs out of fear the signs would be breaking Read more […]

Merry Christmas Around the World

If you travel around the world, you discover so many differences, unique ideas and strange customs that make one people distinct from another. And yet, the birth of one child in a land few of us have visited can be the catalyst for bringing together widely separated cultures. Enjoy this small collection of different takes on the birth of Jesus Christ from across the globe, and have yourself a merry Christmas. Read more […]

Donald Trump Says Merry Christmas

I don’t know how sincere Donald Trump is being when he says this kind of thing, but the point is he says it: From the CNS News blog: “Trump: ‘We Are Going to Start Saying Merry Christmas Again … That’s The Way It Should Be’” Real estate mogul and best-selling author Donald Trump, echoing remarks he made in September about the importance of saying “Merry Christmas,” told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins that when you go to stores today, you rarely see the word “Christmas,” Read more […]

The Political Significance of Christmas

In their effort to make a point, those who discuss law and government and politics for a living often miss the most crucial – the most critical point of all. So, as we celebrate Christmas, this is a good time to take a deep breath and revisit first principles. We should remember the political significance of Christmas. Now don’t get distracted by arguments that early Christians latched onto a pre-existing pagan holiday to establish the date of Christmas. That may be true, but it is a distraction Read more […]

The Dilemma of Joseph and Christmas

One of the many blessings of teaching the Biblical view of law and government across this great land is the wonderful people who become fast friends. One couple in northern California who’ve become friends wrote this week thanking me for the work I had the privilege of beginning in their community. They conclude, “Wishing you all the best in these turbulent times. Merry Christmas.” Indeed, these are turbulent and troubling times. That got me to thinking about the very first Christmas. Read more […]

Obama’s Christmas Fantasy: Jesus Taught “Bedrock Values of All Faiths”

Barack Obama took it upon himself to preach his version of Christianity at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. An excerpt: Now, this is the 93rd time Americans have gathered by the White House to light the National Christmas Tree.  And as always, this tree is not alone -– all across America, in living rooms, and offices, churches, and town squares, families and neighbors are gathering to decorate trees of their own and get into the holiday spirit.  It’s a chance to come together and Read more […]

The Optimism of Christmas Hymns

Our Christmas hymns demonstrate an optimism that is often better than what is found in current Christian “theologizing” about the future. Have you noticed the optimistic nature of Christmas hymns? A few examples will suffice [mainly taken from R. J. Rushdoony’s piece found here]. The very famous Isaac Watts “Joy to the World!” which says: No more let sins and sorrows grow, Nor thorns infest the ground; He comes to make His blessings flow, Far as the curse is found. He rules the Read more […]

The Virgin Birth Proves Personhood at Conception

Affirming that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Mary is to affirm something basic about an embryo’s personhood at conception. Two days ago Christians all over the world gathered to celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ our Lord. The eternal Word becoming flesh is fundamental to the Christian faith; we would not be able to receive salvation apart from it (Gal. 4:4-5). One important aspect of Christ’s incarnation is his birth from Mary, a virgin. We re-tell this historic event each Read more […]

Don’t Lose Your Temper over “Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Should Both be Received with Tolerance in a Pluralist Culture. On Christmas Eve I was driving my family to another state for our Christmas celebration and had to stop at McDonald’s to eat a quick lunch. While sitting at a table I heard the most bizarre conversation in which an employee (who seemed somewhat lacking in intelligence, though I can’t be sure) loudly explained to a customer that a “national law” forbid her from saying “Merry Christmas” Read more […]

Christmas: Whom Will Kings Acknowledge?

One way to understand Christmas is to look at the Biblical collection of Psalms. If we look at the Psalms it makes a lot of sense why Herod was not happy when the wise men told him that a king had been born in Israel. Psalm 1 and 2 together are commonly considered the “entry” into the Psalter. If so, then perhaps Psalm 2 presents us with a problem and then spells out the solution in later Psalms. Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves, and Read more […]

Virgin Birth: Because God’s Grace Comes by Faith, not Works

What is the meaning of the virgin birth? Perhaps the most popular answer to that question is that it is necessary to believe in the virgin birth in order to defend and affirm the deity of Christ. Jesus is both God and man. If Jesus had a human father, then that would mean that he was only human. Another explanation assigned to the virgin birth is the sinlessness of Christ. Christ didn’t have a human father because a human father would have contaminated him with original sin. Jesus Read more […]