Gun-Happy L.A. Police Free And Clear: L.A. Taxpayers Stuck With Paying Off Victims

Remember the rampage of the late Christopher Dorner in L.A.? And remember the responding rampage by the L.A.P.D.? The LAPD shot at a pickup truck with two unarmed women—a mother and daughter—in the cab. The truck sort of resembled one that Chritopher Dorner had been reported driving. Even though the truck made no threatening moves, and without warning or calling on the driver to stop, the cops drew and fired. The eight officers unleashed 103 shots. The glass cut the passengers and the mother Read more […]

Game Wardens: The Unsung Heroes in the Christopher Dorner Case

For nearly a week, virtually all national and local news stations were reporting on the manhunt for Christopher Dorner.  Dorner had killed several people and wounded several more in an act of retaliation against the Los Angeles Police Department for what he believed was an unfair dismissal from his job as an LA cop. Dorner had a wild manifesto that sadly caught the attention of many misguided liberals who saw him more as a hero instead of the cold-blooded murder he really was.  Some warped minded Read more […]