Treaty of Tripoli: America Not “Founded on the Christian Religion”

For a number of years I have debated atheists who claim that America was established as a secular nation based on an excerpted line from the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli and that religion was regulated to the private world of thought and church attendance. If you believe atheists, every founding member of America going back to 1607 was a budding Richard Dawkins wannabe, an atheist born out of time. The facts of history do not support the atheists’ claim as I’ve pointed out in several books and dozens Read more […]

Atheists Want Their Unbelieving ‘Bibles’ Placed Next to Gideon Bibles

The governor of Georgia has ordered that Bibles that were removed from lodges at government parks throughout the state be returned. Gov. Deal’s order prompted American Atheists, a group founded in 1963 by famed atheist Madeline Murray O’Hair,1 “to ship books on atheism to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in hopes Read more […]Her son, William J. Murray, denounced atheism in 1980 and became a born again Christian. He is now president of the Religious Freedom Coalition, based in Washington, D.C. [↩]