The Difference between Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer on Obamacare

Paul Krugman criticizes Chuck Schumer for criticizing Obamacare. Why are they different? Paul Krugman and Chuck Schumer are both liberals. They are both partisans to the Democrat Party. But they are displaying a divergence of opinion. As David Linton has posted, Schumer has issued a kind of Mea Culpa on the Affordable Care Act. Krugman has now responded in the New York Times: It’s easy to understand why Republicans wish health reform had never happened, and are now hoping that the Supreme Read more […]

Dealing with the Mea Culpa of Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer is regretting Obamacare, but is that enough? The Wall Street Journal, in its editorial “Schumer’s ObamaCare Mea Culpa” this morning, made the following observation: Now that 28—soon probably 29—of the 60 Senate Democrats who voted for ObamaCare are out of office, one of the surviving believers is confessing a crisis of faith. New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s striking remarks on Tuesday suggest that the church of ObamaCare is losing congregants even in the front pews. The Read more […]

Senator John Cornyn Exposes Chuck Schumer’s “Media Shield Law” As A Federal Power Grab

If you have read Tad Cronn on the fraudulent, bait-and-switch, so-called “media shield law,” then you already understand what is going on. According to “This is a bad idea and one whose time has not come,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the Senate minority whip, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview. “Believe me, we will not be rolled over.” Schumer’s “Free Flow of Information Act” passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in September, and he recently said he Read more […]

Paul Ryan Working On Immigration “Reform” With Chuck Schumer In “Private Talks”

Paul Ryan has to set the record for growing the horn out of his nose in the least amount of time. It is hard to believe that only in 2012 he was chosen to make Mitt Romney seem palatable to conservatives in the Republican Party. He has now fully metastasized into a RINO. As someone recently remarked in the American Spectator, one may be forgiven for wondering, what is Paul Ryan’s game plan? He recently negotiated away the automatic sequester cuts, one of the few real accomplishments of the Read more […]

Chuck Schumer Uses The Racist Smear To Slander Opposition To His Amnesty Plan

Personally, I have loathed Chuck Schumer since the day I saw his role in the hearing on the Branch Davidian massacre in Waco, Texas. Naturally, as a man who loves to utilize the bully pulpit over the bodies of police state victims, Chuck Schumer would be greatly aided by a large influx of voters who are unfamiliar with the constitution and cannot distinguish the right to not be murdered by police from the right to get food stamps. (People pretend to believe that “positive rights” are as Read more […]

Chuck Schumer: Defeat Tea Party By Using IRS And Other Means To Disenfranchise Them

It is pretty obvious that Liberals realize that they don’t have the votes. So their plan is to cripple democracy so that they can never be voted out of power. The good news is that, if you had any question about it, we are making a difference. According to CNS News Senator Chuck Schumer admitted of the Tea Party, “They’ve won elections, stymied Democratic priorities and taken a sledgehammer to programs that are important to tens of millions of Americans.” That’s right. But it is funny Read more […]

Who Is Holding The Nation Hostage Now? Dems Demand End Of Sequestration “Cuts”

They aren’t even cuts. The sequestration demands reductions in planned increases in spending. Yet the Huffington Post tells us: As the United States government approaches a deadline for raising the debt limit and the government shutdown nears its second week, Senate Democrats are taking a stand on sequestration. The party’s leadership rejected an offer from Senate Republicans on Saturday morning mainly because the proposal locked in those budget cuts for too long. Senate Majority Whip Dick Read more […]

States Should Sue New York For Sending Chuck Schumer to Senate

New York Senator Chuck Schumer claimed that the new immigration bill will fix America’s illegal immigration problem. If passed, Schumer said, “Illegal immigration will be a thing of the past.” In one sense he’s right. By making what was illegal legal, thus, making what was illegal a thing of the past. Please, New York, quit sending people like Schumer to the Senate. Not only does he hurt New York, but he’s hurting the rest of America. If you don’t elect someone better next election, Read more […]

Senator Chuck Schumer: Obama Scandals Could Actually Hurt GOP In 2014

New York Chuck Schumer was one of the Senators who wrote the IRS last year, asking them to probe tax-exempt organizations who were “masquerading as social welfare organizations.” Their letter to the IRS didn’t mention conservative groups specifically. But we see that the effect has been that the IRS have consistently targeted groups that have names that suggest a conservative or tea party persuasion. And those tax-exempt organizations on the left that are actively engaged in politics are left Read more […]

Marco Rubio Is a Big, Dumb Idiot

Marco Rubio is a big, dumb idiot. His participation in the bipartisan group of senators known as the Gang of 8, formed to draft immigration-reform legislation, is moronic. The first clue for Rubio that this Gang, like the majority of gangs, is bad news should have been the only clue needed, and that is that Sen. Chuck Schumer is on Rubio’s side. That’s not just a red flag, that’s a screaming siren. If Chuck Schumer supports Rubio’s plan, then he, Schumer–a well-practiced politician to Rubio’s Read more […]

A Brief Summary Of The Inauguration Sideshow

“O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA!” Thus chanted President Barack Obama’s eager loyal subjects at his second inauguration. They wanted their personal lord and savior, whom they traveled from all corners of America to catch a fleeting glimpse of in real life, unfiltered by the glass of a television set, but first they had to endure the presentment of a few minor players in this sideshow known as the American government. The man at the loudspeaker announces First Lady Michelle Obama, who lumbers out Read more […]