Philadelphia Public School System: “Thank You for Smoking!”

You would think that our current health regimen would make our public school system a place where smoking is discouraged. But you would be wrong. Smoking is now being extolled as the only way to save the education of children in Philadelphia. From the CBS Philly news site: “City Officials Say Without Passage of Cigarette Tax, Philadelphia Schools May Not Open On Time.” A timely start to the Philadelphia school year is even more uncertain at word the state house won’t consider the cigarette Read more […]

Anti-Smoking Obamacare: Government Dogooderism At Its Incompetent Finest

Smoking is really bad for you. So naturally the government must discourage you from doing it. If you are an informed person, who still decides to smoke, then obviously information is not enough. Punishments and rewards must be implemented for you that are greater or more immediate than the market and health costs of smoking. Thus, Obamacare is probably the only practice that is actually permitted to change your risk pool. If you want to shoot yourself up with hormones and get a doctor to cut off Read more […]